Colett Yarro - Craft Disorder

Poster boxes, prints, pillows and wall decor.

Follow me on Instagram @colettyarro.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Emily Cooper - Emily Elizabeth's Designs

I make wall hangings, throw pillows, tote bags, cards and repurposed home decor. The frames that I use for my products are all up-cycled and include original prints or vintage art.

You can find me on Etsy or Facebook or follow me on instagram @emilyelizabethsdesigns.

I will be joining the Bazaar- December 5-7.

Shannon Hokama - The Splot Shop

Shannon is a mom of two, apparel designer and eco-friendly screen printer with her business Splot Screen. Jann is an artist, custom wedding dress genius, and clothing designer with her own business Studio Jann Marie. Together we started a lovely store of papers and ribbons and things we make.

One hometown, two creative minds, three businesses.

Enjoy our delicious collection of wrapping paper, hand dyed ribbons and trims and wholesale satin ribbon for all your crafting needs!

Visit us here or Etsy or follow us on instagram @thesplotshop and @jannmarie.

We will join the Bazaar- December 5-7.

Amy Redden | Vintage Fern

I love to use new, vintage, repurposed, and upcycled fabrics and materials.  I love to mix color and patterns in unexpected ways, I think it makes my products fun and unique.  A lot of my things are one of a kind.   I make everything myself using a vintage sewing machine that has a permanent spot in my living room.  I get inspiration from my three girls, nature, vintage finds, really just about everywhere.  Currently I make a wide variety of things  from bags, to girl's dresses, hair accessories, dish towels, baby gifts, and altered vintage suitcases just to name a few. Visit me here...

Annie Kershisnik Blake | Annilyngreen

I've got banners and pillows and clutches and wallets and posters! This year I'm also making a few dolls and felt stuffed animals.Visit me here.

Andy Chase \ Blueponies

I enjoy painting and printmaking. Most of my work includes hand-pulled silk screened prints of anything from things found in nature to food and birds wearing boots. I have recently started sewing pillows with my unique silk screened designs on canvas. Most of these pillows have a hand painted finished touch. I have also recently started printing on small pieces of wood and hand painting those as well. Visit me here.

Susan Petersen | Freshly Picked

This year I am making moccasins, pillows, bags, skirts, pants, wallets, + leather goods. Visit me here.

Nicole Choules | Elsa Bags

I’m a wanna be graphic designer with an aching to sew. I love fabric- Japanese imported fabric, vintage fabric, fabric from your grandmas couch. These are the following items you will find in my booth this Winter.BAGS/PURSES- PACIFIER CLIPS- STATE NECKLACES- JAPANESE FABRIC COVERED BUTTONS- SKIRTS & SHIRTS- BIBS- BLANKETS-BURP CLOTHS- BIRD & MUSTACHE PILLOWS- Mobiles- Onesies…

Visit me here.

Nicole Choules | Elsa Bags & Vanilla Pie

I'm a wanna be graphic designer with an aching to sew. I love fabric- Japanese imported fabric, vintage fabric, fabric from your grandmas couch. These are the following items you will find in booth this spring.BAGS/PURSES- PACIFIER CLIPS- STATE NECKLACES- JAPANESE FABRIC COVERED BUTTONS- SKIRTS & SHIRTS- BIBS- BLANKETS-BURP CLOTHS- BIRD- MUSTACHE PILLOWS- Mobiles- Onesies...

Zoe Jacobson & Jeremy Josephson | Ruby Market

We are two mamas who just love to create! We find joy in messing around with different mediums and textiles. We hope that our creations can bring some joy to your hearts as well. :)

Gentry Blackburn | Frosty Darling

Gentry is an painter, crafter and owner of the Frosty Darling Boutique in downtown Salt Lake City. Her colorful and kitschy wares include bottle cap earrings, felt brooches, plush squirrels and vintage fabric aprons. Her focus this year has been a series of small paintings of 70's and 80's television shows and a collection of accessories and housewares celebrating her favorite state, Utah!

Visit me here...

Gentry Blackburn | Frosty Darling

Gentry Blackburn is a painter, crafter and owner of the kooky-cute boutique Frosty Darling where she shows her work along side other local artists. With a degree in painting she focused on her fine art and worked at the library until she started making button earrings and hand-painted throw pillows. Then came forays into knitting, sewing and a giant leap into retail to showcase all these new wonders. She was awarded, "Best Crafty Lady" in Salt Lake City Weekly's 2007 Artys issue and keeps on truckin' with her bright color vintage carnival style.

This holiday collection will feature felt finger puppets, button earrings, throw pillows, vintage fabric aprons, stuffed animals, and small paintings. I'm really excited about the super furry blue squirrels I've been working on!

Ashley Giessing | Isabell's Umbrella

Isabell's Umbrella grew from an obsession with stationery, writing instruments and design. Ashley Giessing, owner/artist, believes she should have been born in the nineteenth century, when all correspondence was done by hand.

Specializing in stationery that will lift the clouds of a rainy day, Ashley’s hopes are to renew the lost "art" of hand correspondence by creating stationery you will want to share with others. "There is nothing that means more to me than a kind, heartfelt, handwritten note from someone I love."

Seriously cute stationery, buttons, pillows, artwork and children clothing are just a part of my line-up.

Visit me here...

Beckie Clark | Bexcaliber

I sell decorative pillow covers. I specialize in young and modern fabric. I also do a lot of applique, hand embroidered designs that I come up with myself and other interesting things like rffles, lace, etc. I think it is important for everyone to have access to great style, so I keep my prices low. Plus, the pillow cover really is the way to go if you want some instant freshness for your home especially for the holidays. When Christmas is over, you just fold the cover and store for next year, no need to store bulky festive pillows. Visit me here...

Julia DeMartini | Designs by Julia

I make several items including:

1. Women’s Clothing. I collect rare, vintage textiles and use them to make women’s clothing, mostly dresses and skirts. I design them, make the patterns, and sew them. All clothes are very cute, unique and one of a kind

2. Embroidered pillows. I hand embroider pillows with various designs that I come up with. These are also one of a kind and quite adorable

3. Laptop and ipod socks. These are soft cases for laptops and ipods with unique images and designs. I use rare and unique fabrics for these also. All merchandise is hand made of the highest quality.