Laura Davies - My Sweet Rose Illustration and Art

I'm a watercolorist who specializes in custom house portraits but I also paint LDS Temple portraits, illustrations, and original art.

Visit my Etsy shop or follow me on Instagram @mysweetroseillustration.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Annie Mertlich - Wildfield Paper Co.

Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Letterpress goods, Fine Art Stationery.

Visit our website or follow on Instagram @anniemertlich.

We will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 amd Dec 11-13.

Caitlyn Renshaw - Most Adoringly

Original hand painted water color art that will make your house a happy one :) My original design hand made felt headbands that fit so comfortable you won't even know you're wearing it. A variety of unique handmade gold jewelry.

Visit my blog here.

I will be joining the Bazaar May 1-3 and 8-10.

Ashley Mae Hoiland - Birds of Ash Mae

Paintings and Prints...

Visit me here or find me on instagram @birdsofashmae.

I will be joining the Bazaar December 12-14.

Fine Artists Spring 2013

We are pleased to announce an oh-so-special Fine Art feature to the Beehive Bazaar this spring. We have invited a handful of talented, local, artistic celebrities to join our event.  These artists are creating special works just for the Beehive Bazaar, affordably priced, so the art lover and aficionado in each of us has the unique opportunity to bring home a local treasure or two.

Take a closer look at the artists here... Andrew Ballstaedt Cassandra Barney Dan Barney Lee Udall Bennion Joseph Bennion Fidalis Buehler Caitlin Connolly Jethro Gillespie Brian Kershisnik Jacqui Larsen Jann Nielsen Kathleen Peterson J. Kirk Richards and more...

For updates on who else might be joining us from the arts community tune into Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @beehivebazaar.

George Parkinson

My name is George, like the curious monkey and Parkinson, like the disease. I love to make things that make life more fun, colorful and beautiful. When I am not making up recipes in my kitchen with my mom or designing and sewing custom dresses for clients and friends, I like to figure out ways to make useful things out of otherwise strange objects. For instance, you take some old root beer bottles and vases, add some felt balls and resin and you get some delightful pom pom flower arrangements that never die! The animal lover in me finds its way into the small portraits of various living creatures. See more of my fashion work at


Ellie Madsen - Cup and Cake Art

I make paintings that I hope will make the world brighter and happier. I specialize in whimsical art for children and nurseries that depicts animals doing fun activities. I'm an artist living in Salt Lake City, UT and in addition to my artwork, I've written and illustrated a children's book that is available an as e-book.

Laura Davies - My Sweet Rose

I'm a local artist who paints primarily in watercolors, but I dabble in acrylics and oil paint as well. I mostly do house portraits, custom to each of my awesome customers. My Etsy shop also includes some of my personal paintings, sold as prints.

Find Laura here.

Ashley Mae Hoiland | Birds of Ashmae

Paintings and Prints...

Visit me here or find me on instagram @birdsofashmae.

I will be joining the Bazaar December 12-14.

Danielle Leatham | The Yellow Cabinet

I design screen prints which I hand print on colored chalkboards, tea towels, and quality paper. I paint watercolor pictures of furniture, I sell the original paintings framed, and I have loose prints of the originals.Visit me here or here.

Andy Chase \ Blueponies

I enjoy painting and printmaking. Most of my work includes hand-pulled silk screened prints of anything from things found in nature to food and birds wearing boots. I have recently started sewing pillows with my unique silk screened designs on canvas. Most of these pillows have a hand painted finished touch. I have also recently started printing on small pieces of wood and hand painting those as well. Visit me here.

Ashley mae Hoiland | Birds of Ashmae

I make lots of paintings and prints. For every Beehive Bazaar I also try to make new and unique items to sell- jewelry, puzzles, felted goods, dolls. Visit me here.

Samantha Kelly | Can You Hear Me

I offer fine art prints and original paintings. When I was little, I would ask my mom to draw me pictures of 'merdalmations' (dalmation + mermaid tail). Since then I've graduated in visual arts and went on to earn a Masters in Art Therapy Counseling. I am currently working as both an art therapist and an artist. Art is a form of communication and this is my visual language. Can you hear me? Visit me here.