Kit's Crafts - Kristin Baird

Kit’s Crafts offers lovely, one of a kind handmade items to accent your life. Some of the accessories include origami Christmas ornaments and garlands, origami hanging mobiles, kiss clasp purses, exquisitely hand crocheted jewelry and darling hair clips. The Christmas items and mobiles are comprised primarily of recycled materials as are the purses, which ensures that no two are exactly alike. See more here! Kristin will be joining us Dec 11-13

Nicole Choules - Hum

Leather bags, children's dresses, toddler tees, leather bracelets, vintage goods, christmas decor, cross stitch.

Visit my website or follow on Instagram @nicole_hum_stitchery.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Kanani Hayes - Vinylicious

Find Kanani here and on Instagram @vinylicious.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Caitlyn Renshaw - Most Adoringly

I make chic geometric jewelry which include hand painted items, crystals, tassel's, and hand stamped lettering. I also sell original hand painted water color art for home decor. I up-cycle/ repurpose vintage leather bags to enhance their vintage-mod vibe. I'd also love to sell some of my Christmas vintage finds for this holiday show!

Visit my Etsy shop or follow me on Instagram @shopmostadoringly.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Amy Redden - Vintage Fern

I make anything from girls clothing to baby gifts to appliqued bags and tea towels and everything in between. I love to mix new and vintage materials together and I LOVE color! Everything I make is fun and unique.

Visit my Etsy shop or follow on Instagram @vintagefern.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Winter 2014 application is open!

vintage craft suppliesThe vendor application is now open for the Winter 2014 Beehive Bazaar. The Bazaar will be taking place December 4-6 and December 11-13 in Provo UT. The application will be opened until September 28th at midnight and we will announce participating vendors on October 6th. Clink on the 'Apply'  link above or click right here for the application and all the details.

Kelsey Bang

Stuffed Animals- Elephants, Narwhals and Penguins. Bow Ties for Men and Boys. Coin Pouches, Notebooks and Wallets.

Visit my website or Etsy shop or find me on Facebook.

I will be joining the Bazaar May 1-3 and 8-10.

Michael Phipps - Scatterbrain Tees

Screen Printed T-shirts and Neckties, plus a few other items such as messenger bags.

Visit my website or Etsy shop or find me on Facebook.

I will be joining the Bazaar May 8-10.

Fumi Davis - Miken Creations

I make kid's mittens with 100% organic merino wool yarn and stuffed animals and other items with recycled/vintage fabric and 100% organic cotton filling. The yarn I use for the mittens is top heirloom quality USDA certified organic wool yarn which lasts a long long time without pilling. I try to use natural materials as much as possible to avoid toxins commonly found in the synthetic fabrics and filling used by other makers of children's clothes and toys.

I will be joining the Bazaar December 5-7.

Quinn Peterson - qp collections

We have handmade neckties from recycled fabric.

Each tie is of a limited run, and the packaging indicates how many we made of your specific fabric.

Many of the fabrics are hand painted, or stamped.

Many of the fabrics are imported or recycled.

We also have recently grown into leather, providing unique wallets and bags.

Visit us here or Etsy or Facebook or instagram @qpcollections.

We will be joining the Bazaar- December 5-7.

Noelle Olpin - Noelle O Designs

I make goods with fabric- aprons, messenger bags, purses, drawstring backpacks, skirts, quilts and patchwork panels.

Visit me here or on Etsy or follow me on instagram @noelleodesigns.

I will be joining the Bazaar- December 5-7 and 12-14.

Noak Kershisnik - Made by Knoahk

I make leather goods such as wallets, bags, and cases for electronics, as well as custom leather goods.

Visit me here or follow on instagram @knoak.

Suzi Bates - Just be...

I love mixing vintage velvets and laces with contemporary fabrics to make fun Bohemian purses. My skirts for women and girls are a modern twist on vintage prints, with applique and trims. All items are designed by me, with a little help from family and friends helping me sew them together.

Find Suzi here.

Amy Redden - Vintage Fern

In my work, I love to use new, vintage, repurposed, and upcycled fabrics and materials. I love to mix color and patterns in unexpected ways, I think it makes my products fun and unique. A lot of my things are one of a kind. A lot of my items are sewn, but I don’t limit myself to just sewing, I love learning and using all kinds of art and craft mediums. I make everything myself using a vintage sewing machine that has a permanent spot in my living room. I get inspiration from my three girls, nature, vintage finds, really just about everywhere. I love creating beautiful and useful things, it makes me happy. Some current things I make are: garlands, appliqued dish towels, bags, girls clothing, baby gifts, hair accessories, just to name a few. I am always coming up with new things!

Find Amy here.

Suzi Bates | Just Be

There is beauty in individuality.... Just Be who you are!!!
 Fun , unique, vintage inspired purses and skirts for women and girls.