Who we are. 

The Beehive Bazaar has become all-the-buzz in Utah every spring, fall, and winter when they showcase the independent designs, arts, crafts and edibles of more than 100 trend-setting local artists. Beehive Bazaar touts a hand-selected inventory of unique, quality and most importantly, to-die-for handmade goods including jewelry, paintings, bags, glass, vinyl, paper, clothing and accessories as well as couture cupcakes, jams, cookies, caramels and treats. This is in no way your mother’s craft boutique.

The Bazaar is Noelle's brain child. She's been at it for 11 years and has grown it from a small show in a house to what it is today. She was gracious enough to include Richard and Beccy in on the fun for the winter show in 2012. We've been working hard to bring you the best of the beehive state ever since.