David Lesue - Stately Type

Stately Type makes city, state, and country-themed t-shirts that are super soft, extra creative, and (mostly) hand-drawn/hand-lettered. Show your home town pride with unique tees designed and screened in the USA.

Visit our website or follow us on Instagram @statelytype.

We will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Stacey Foster - Mineral + Matter

Mineral + Matter is a collection of handmade goods from artisans around the world. It is loosely curated around the theme of a natural history museum meeting a space observatory.

Visit me here or Facebook or follow me on instagram @mineralandmatter.

I will be joining the Bazaar- December 12-14.

Carlyn Barrus | Greenies

Cloth diapers created with both the planet and a tight budget in mind. Greenies cloth diapers are made with sumptuous organic merino wools and unbelievably soft organic bamboo velour and fleece, as well as upcycled cottons and repurposed sweaters. They fit babies 7-35 pounds, and will save literally thousands of dollars before they wear out. Products include waterproof covers, wool covers, fitted diapers, diaper inserts, 100% wool dryer balls, and 100% upcycled cloth wipes. Original screen printing makes them completely unique – they’re works of art for every baby’s bum.

Lyn Spataro | Dwyer

Hand-knit wool cowls, hand-painted notecards and notecard sets, hand-made art prints, and hand-screened t-shirts.Visit me here.

Stacey Foster | Native

Vintage jar collections, kiln fired ceramic jewelry, decorative arrows, screen printed scarves.Visit me here.

Suzanne Holifield | Sorry Clementine

I make unique handmade clothing that is individually designed and sewn so each piece is completely one of a kind. I mainly use soft and stretchy fabrics so everything I make is super comfy, in addition to being totally cute and fun to wear. My handmade items include shirts, hoodies, and dresses. I also have a fun printed line of clothing with cute designs like owls, seahorses, birdcages, jackelopes and more!

Visit me here.

Emily Cooper | Emily Elizabeth's Designs

I repurpose home decor items. I hand paint all of the picture frames that I use and repaint the accessories that I sell. This year I have a whole new line of artwork that has been created by my mother and I. Our latest collection consists of the cutest owls you have ever seen.   I have also started designing screen printed book bag style totes with original art and have started selling printed cards.

Anna Macfarlane & Angela Henrie \ Twisted Sistas

We are two crazy sisters who like to make something out of anything. Anna uses reclaimed wood (from a 120-year old barn) for silhouette art, frames, candlesticks, etc. and makes new camp art out of old kitsch. Angela is a legend; she is a silversmith, jewelry designer, silk screener, embroiderer, painter, and more. With 12 kids between the two of us, we are picky and passionate about what we choose to create. And it is always fun and unique. We plan on featuring wood art, one-of-a-kind jewelry, silk screened and embroidered kitchen towels, campy trophies and... ! Visit us here or here.

Andy Chase \ Blueponies

I enjoy painting and printmaking. Most of my work includes hand-pulled silk screened prints of anything from things found in nature to food and birds wearing boots. I have recently started sewing pillows with my unique silk screened designs on canvas. Most of these pillows have a hand painted finished touch. I have also recently started printing on small pieces of wood and hand painting those as well. Visit me here.

Ben Kafton | Dela Flamant

Turn it upside down. Stretch it. Shrink it. Make it two-dimensional. Make it move. Make it fly. Fold it. Use a different texture. Rearrange the elements. Make it look futuristic....

With each piece I create, I try to gain ideas and ask myself how I am going to follow thru and make the finished piece the most unique and interesting that it can be.

Inspired by everything from bauhaus graphic design, The Beatles, to Wes Anderson films. I mainly screen print t-shirts, fabric, wood and paper. I also make backpacks and other bags using my own patterns and design.

Visit me!

Nicole LaRue | White Elephant Collective

I am a graphic designer/illustrator by trade & I quit my full-time job a year ago to practice as an artist and to make my own products. All of the products I make are hand-illustrated. I letterpress print my own cards & art prints and screen print my own t-shirts in my garage. It's everything I love and all I want to do…