Holiday 2019 Applications

Applications for our HOLIDAY 2019 show are now open, and will close at midnight on Sunday, September 29th. Applicants will hear from us by October 7th, and vendors will be posted on our website soon after!

If you are chosen to be a vendor, bookmark this page to get all of the info you need as you prep for the show.

Before you apply, please take the time to read through this very important information, and keep it handy if you are chosen to be a vendor!

Show Guidelines

  • Be sure to read all of the following information and then fill out the form below.

  • We will be accepting applications until midnight on Sunday, September 29th.

  • We’ll announce our fall vendor lineup on Monday, October 7th.

Let’s Keep It Unique

  • In an effort to keep our show unique and fresh, we’re asking that our vendors be exclusive to our Winter 2019 event. This means you cannot participate in any other shows in Utah County that overlap with our dates. We’re glad to support other shows and encourage your involvement in them, but we also want to promote diversity and uniqueness. Having the same artists, in multiple shows, on the same weekend, all in Utah County does not meet this goal.


  • The Bright Building

  • 33 West 400 South

  • Provo, Utah


  • Thursday, December 5 10 am – 10 pm

  • Friday, December 6 10 am – 10 pm

  • Saturday, December 7 10 am – 8 pm

  • AND

  • Thursday, December 12 10 am – 10 pm

  • Friday, December 13 10 am – 10 pm

  • Saturday, December 14 10 am – 8 pm

Vendor Schedule

  • Set-Up: Wednesday, December 4 from 7 pm – 10 pm

  • Take-Down for first weekend: Saturday, December 7 at 8 pm

  • Set-Up: Wednesday, December 11 from 7 pm – 10 pm

  • Take-Down for second weekend: Saturday, December 14 at 8 pm

  • You must be punctual for both. Set up ends at 10 pm, no exceptions. A fee may apply to those who are not done with setup by 10pm on Wednesday night.

  • Vendors must be DONE with their booth setup and have inventory marked (with price and vendor ID) by 10 pm on setup day.

  • There is a central checkout, vendors do not stay with their booths.

Tax Form

  • ALL vendors (excluding youth vendors under 18)–please bring a completed W-9 form and a business license # with you to set up (don’t have a business license? You can use your SS#).

  • We MUST have new W-9 for the new year. If you participated in our Spring 2019 show, we do not need this form.

Item Requirements

  • Handmade: All items that you sell must be handmade by you.

  • Quality: We expect what you sell to be the best it can be.

  • Unique: We’re looking for arts and crafts that are out-of-the-ordinary, new, fresh, different, fun, clever, bold, and bright- but most of all… original.

  • We reserve the right to remove any items that do not fit these criteria.


  • Booth space is a choice of 3′ x 4′, 3′ x 6,’ or 3′ x 8′ (Please specify your preference in the application, fee table below). Maximum booth depth is 3'. For like, fire code and stuff.

  • You are responsible for providing everything you’ll need to display your wares- we do not supply tables.

  • If you need power, would prefer a one or two-sided booth* or have any other special requests, please specify on your application.

  • *please note, there is an additional charge for two-sided booths*

  • We suggest taking advantage of vertical space to get the most out of your booth space.

  • PLEASE NOTE: When we map out the venue, we do our very best to arrange vendors in a way that makes the show organized and pleasant to shop, making each vendor more successful. Things we must consider include similar vendors not being together, fine artists (with art to hang) generally need a wall, power needs, traffic flow, booth height, etc. There is a method to our madness, we promise! Thank you in advanced for being cool and understanding.


  • Your vendor ID will be emailed to you with your vendor packet 3 weeks before the show.

  • Please have every single item clearly marked (make sure it’s large enough to be easily read by cashiers) with a price and your vendor ID.

  • Please affix tags neatly and professionally, so they stay put and we can be sure to give you credit for every single sale. If your items are not marked, you will not receive credit for the sale.


  • We will keep your booth neat and well presented throughout the show.

  • If you leave extra items under your table we are happy to restock them–just let us know or you are welcome to stop by and do it yourself.


  • We'll email a digital version of our postcard that you can post on facebook or instagram, email to friends and family, or share on your blog or website.

  • Be sure to leverage all of your social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, websites and blogs.


  • We do our best to keep your items safe. However, in the event that something goes missing or is broken, we cannot be held responsible.

Costs & Fees

  • 20% of your gross sales

  • Vendor fee per show will depend on the size of your booth. Upon acceptance, entry fees are due no later than Monday, October 21st (see table below). Cost is PER WEEKEND. Failure to pay your fee by this date will result in you forfeiting your space at the Bazaar.

  • This fee is NON REFUNDABLE! If you are unable to attend after paying your fee, please reach out to let us know, but we cannot refund your fee.

           Booth Size     Cost

           3'x4'               $75

           3'x6'               $100

           3'x8'               $125


Young Crafters

  • If you are 17 and under and would like to be a vendor, please have a parent help you complete and send in this application. (There is no entry fee for kid crafters, just 20% commission on all sales.) Please specify “YOUNG CRAFTER” in the “what do you make?” portion of the application.

  • PLEASE NOTE: The Young Crafters section will be limited. Selection is first come, first served. Because of limited space, youth vendors will be asked to only use 3' of table space.

 Once you have read all of this information, click here to apply!