Jessica Roberts - Quilted Polka Dot

I love the feeling I get when I'm surrounded by all things handmade. Ever since I can remember I have loved creating things - knowing that creation didn't exist before I made it.

My creative style definitely includes the look and feel of all things vintage and old ... and giving new things that old feel.

I specialize in: * home decor - wreaths, banners, upholstered stools, jewelry boards, and kitchen towels. * party design - banners, cake toppers, cupcake picks, centerpieces... anything to throw the perfect party (especially mustache parties) * baby comforts - car seat canopies, minky cuddle blankets, travel wipe cases, burp cloths, and binky clips. * bridal - photo props, centerpieces, banners, reception decor, and gifts.

I have two busy little kids and love being a stay-at-home mom, singing, reading, quilting, scrapbooking, and baking.

Find me on Etsy or Facebook or on instagram @quiltedpolkadot.

I will be joining the Bazaar December 12 - 14.

Shannon Hokama - The Splot Shop

Shannon is a mom of two, apparel designer and eco-friendly screen printer with her business Splot Screen. Jann is an artist, custom wedding dress genius, and clothing designer with her own business Studio Jann Marie. Together we started a lovely store of papers and ribbons and things we make.

One hometown, two creative minds, three businesses.

Enjoy our delicious collection of wrapping paper, hand dyed ribbons and trims and wholesale satin ribbon for all your crafting needs!

Visit us here or Etsy or follow us on instagram @thesplotshop and @jannmarie.

We will join the Bazaar- December 5-7.

Olivia Carter - Gnome Sweet Gnome Shop

I love all things whimsical and gold so in my shop I enjoy making party supplies that, while small, make a big impact. I make gold animal drink stirrers that liven up any cup and drink & kitschy gold animal birthday candle holders for cakes, cupcakes, or really any other dessert. Whether you love dogs, cats, safari animals, or sea life you'll find something to fit your event!

Find Olivia on etsy.