Maeberry Vintage

Maeberry Vintage is a cornucopia of vintage clothing and accessories. Our store is filled with vintage treasures form the 1920's to the 1980's. We have vintage clothing, shoes, accessories, and small home decor. Vintage clothing is one-of-a-kind just like you. Find something that fits you inside and out at Maeberry Vintage.

Visit our website or Etsy shop or find us on Facebook.

I will be joining the Bazaar May 1-3 and May 8-10.

Michael Phipps - Scatterbrain Tees

Screen Printed T-shirts and Neckties, plus a few other items such as messenger bags.

Visit my website or Etsy shop or find me on Facebook.

I will be joining the Bazaar May 8-10.

Shannon Hokama - The Splot Shop

Shannon is a mom of two, apparel designer and eco-friendly screen printer with her business Splot Screen. Jann is an artist, custom wedding dress genius, and clothing designer with her own business Studio Jann Marie. Together we started a lovely store of papers and ribbons and things we make.

One hometown, two creative minds, three businesses.

Enjoy our delicious collection of wrapping paper, hand dyed ribbons and trims and wholesale satin ribbon for all your crafting needs!

Visit us here or Etsy or follow us on instagram @thesplotshop and @jannmarie.

We will join the Bazaar- December 5-7.

Suzi Bates - Just be...

I love mixing vintage velvets and laces with contemporary fabrics to make fun Bohemian purses. My skirts for women and girls are a modern twist on vintage prints, with applique and trims. All items are designed by me, with a little help from family and friends helping me sew them together.

Find Suzi here.

Suzanne Holifield - Sorry Clementine

I make women’s clothing that includes shirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, and outerwear. My designs are exclusive, meaning they are either one of a kind or a very limited size run. Each garment that I make is an original from the beginning concept, sourcing raw materials, the design, and it’s final construction. My favorite material to work with is super soft, stretchy, comfortable knits.

Find Suzanne here.

Seth Hanks | OSO

I make t-shirts and dresses out of original vintage fabrics. All of the patterns are designed for a tight slim fit. The catch to my clothes is that the fabric I use is so original that you'll never see anyone else with the same item of clothing. I make these clothes because I really enjoy creating things that help people express who they are. It is very fulfilling to make an item of clothing that comes to be someones favorite shirt, or even just something they love pulling out once in a while.