Stacey Foster - Mineral + Matter

Mineral + Matter is a collection of handmade goods from artisans around the world. It is loosely curated around the theme of a natural history museum meeting a space observatory.

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I will be joining the Bazaar- December 12-14.

Art by Spencer Olsen

I am in love with the process of how art is made. I make illustrations, old style photographs, t-shirts, and much much more. I am finishing a degree in Illustration at BYU and hope to be a freelance artist that makes illustrations for children's books and do some editorial stuff as well.

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I will be joining the Bazaar- December 12-14.

Suzanne Holifield - Sorry Clementine

I make women’s clothing that includes shirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, and outerwear. My designs are exclusive, meaning they are either one of a kind or a very limited size run. Each garment that I make is an original from the beginning concept, sourcing raw materials, the design, and it’s final construction. My favorite material to work with is super soft, stretchy, comfortable knits.

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Stacey Foster - Mineral and Matter

Mineral + Matter is a pop up shop of handmade goods from artisans around the world. It is themed around the idea of a natural history museum meets a space observatory. Items range from prints and jewelry to home decor and bath and beauty.

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Lyn Spataro | Dwyer

Hand-knit wool cowls, hand-painted notecards and notecard sets, hand-made art prints, and hand-screened t-shirts.Visit me here.

Suzanne Holifield | Sorry Clementine

I make unique handmade clothing that is individually designed and sewn so each piece is completely one of a kind. I mainly use soft and stretchy fabrics so everything I make is super comfy, in addition to being totally cute and fun to wear. My handmade items include shirts, hoodies, and dresses. I also have a fun printed line of clothing with cute designs like owls, seahorses, birdcages, jackelopes and more!

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Amy Redden | Vintage Fern

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Amy Hunter | radseams

I like to make bags made from old pairs of pants. I make soft toys- some rattle some don't. I have a new design for the rattles that sold so well at the last bazaar and I am working on a new toy design that will be better for small babies. I also make hot pads and embroider kids T-shirts. I might even pull out some other new ideas by the time May gets here...

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Debbie Thompson | Tom Design

Hello, my name is Debbie Thompson. I'm an elementary art teacher by day and a jewelry maker by night! I mostly make bright, bold, vintage inspired jewelry with antiqued metals, lockets, and flowers. My jewelry includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.

I've been making jewelry for the past four years and love being able to use my creative side with both my jobs!

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Ben Kafton | Dela Flamant

Turn it upside down. Stretch it. Shrink it. Make it two-dimensional. Make it move. Make it fly. Fold it. Use a different texture. Rearrange the elements. Make it look futuristic....

With each piece I create, I try to gain ideas and ask myself how I am going to follow thru and make the finished piece the most unique and interesting that it can be.

Inspired by everything from bauhaus graphic design, The Beatles, to Wes Anderson films. I mainly screen print t-shirts, fabric, wood and paper. I also make backpacks and other bags using my own patterns and design.

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Celeste Fife | CJ's Woodland Shed

I'll have plenty this year including some of the linocut cards I had in the spring 2007 show back as signed prints. My main focus will be clothing made from recycled sources such as preworn clothing, scraps, and thrift store fabric. Some of my clothing is completely original and some is based on vintage patterns with my own elements added. I have been focusing on women tops. The amount of chemicals used to produce and process new fabrics is staggering, and it harms us and our world. My little son has autism and so of course having a world with less toxins is important to me and that is why I do what I do. Visit me!

Amy Hunter | Radseams

I love creating stuff and I like sewing stuff! I don't like using patterns so I make up my own. That means that every thing I make is unique in it's own way. I make bags, embroiderd kids shirts, pencil/notebook holders, aprons, hot pads, place mats and some stuffed animals. Some are repurposed from old clothes or thrifted fabrics and some are not. I think handmade is way better than manufactured! Visit me at and

Nicole LaRue | White Elephant Collective

I am a graphic designer/illustrator by trade & I quit my full-time job a year ago to practice as an artist and to make my own products. All of the products I make are hand-illustrated. I letterpress print my own cards & art prints and screen print my own t-shirts in my garage. It's everything I love and all I want to do…