Kristin Baird - Kit's Crafts

Kit's Crafts offers exquisite, unique hand knitted and crocheted accessories for ladies and babies. Many of the items are inspired from vintage lace patterns, originating around the world, which are tweaked with contemporary ideas in mind.

Visit my website or my Etsy shop or find me on Facebook.

I will be joining the Bazaar May 8-10.

Lyn Spataro | Dwyer

Hand-knit wool cowls, hand-painted notecards and notecard sets, hand-made art prints, and hand-screened t-shirts.Visit me here.

Zoe Jacobson | Ruby Market

"It is always a treat to see a smile on a child's face.  This year, Ruby Market has decided to focus a little bit more on the simple things that can make a child's eyes sparkle.  From our knitted mustaches that promote imaginary play to our "You Can Do It" reward badges, we think we have hit the spot.  What child doesn't enjoy getting rewarded for huge triumphs like potty training or surviving the day at preschool?! Your boys will also feel so handsome when they don our big boy bow ties, the girls won't be able to resist pinching their cheeks! In addition, we have decided to spruce up our hot air balloons with some nursery themed surprises.  You'll just have to wait and see... who knows, maybe we can get your imagination going too." Visit me here.

Briana Blackwelder

Traditional European Christmas crafts from pine cones and vintage papers. Hand-sewn and reversible headbands from recycled and vintage fabrics. Knit owls with vintage button eyes (can be attached to hairclips, broochpins, or even giftboxes.) Baby shoes made from wool felt with vintage button closures. Knit laptop cases. Handmade progressive cards. Handcarved rubber stamps. Other handsewn items- sewn buckets/boxes for organizing and storing things. I like to be busy and productive creating new useful items from reused or natural materials.