Briana Blackwelder

Traditional European Christmas crafts from pine cones and vintage papers. Hand-sewn and reversible headbands from recycled and vintage fabrics. Knit owls with vintage button eyes (can be attached to hairclips, broochpins, or even giftboxes.) Baby shoes made from wool felt with vintage button closures. Knit laptop cases. Handmade progressive cards. Handcarved rubber stamps. Other handsewn items- sewn buckets/boxes for organizing and storing things. I like to be busy and productive creating new useful items from reused or natural materials.

Sherisa Bly

Lately I’ve been drawing pictures, mostly of forests and mushrooms and little girls and robots…things that make me happy! I will have framed pictures for sale, and have also transferred some drawings to screens to print. I will be printing deer, elephants, mushrooms and robots onto stockings, leggings, dresses, scarves and cards. I’ll probably find ways to incorporate vintage trimmings and buttons onto them, as I’ve been stocking up. I can’t wait!

Michele Taylor | Bijou Babes

I make a variety of items which include: wood, metal, resin, glass, and bottle cap necklaces, collage, transfer and painting canvas art work, funky hair clips for adults and children, colorful tutus, unique princess accessories, covered button earrings rings and pins, Christmas ornaments and decorations. I do this because I need to join an artists support group. I just can't stop!

Jeremy Josephson & Zoe Jacobson | Ruby Market

Is there such a thing as "Creativity ADD"? If so, we have it!! We love to make and create in so many different ways that we can hardly focus on one medium. Of course, we refer to each other as "genius" but that is only because we share the same taste. :) Hopefully you will like our taste too! Visit me!