Colt Bowden

I make fine art for the common person. Color, texture, design, thread, paper, pen, ink, paint, you name it, I probabley use it somehow in my peices. I make paper people, which are sewn paper dolls mounted and ready to frame and put up on your wall. My wife and I also make letterpress cards and prints. Come check it out, and get a sneak peak here ( Price range $1-300.

Ashley Giessing | Isabell’s Umbrella

Specializing in paper goods and such designed to life the clouds of a rainy day.  Our line up includes adorable stationery, bookmarks, magnets, brooches, necklaces, art prints and hand-sewn pillow dolls. Price range $3 - $35. Visit me here...

Andy Chase | Blueponies

I mostly make silk screened prints and silkscreened pillows.  My prints are usually silkscreened versions of linoleum cuts. The prints are all hand pulled and are in small editions. The pillows are hand-pulled on canvas using my silkscreened designs, then they are stuffed and sewn. I may also have a few small mixed-media paintings available also. Price range: $10.00- $100.00. Visit me at...

Alma and Mike Loveland | Ollibird

Mike and Alma Loveland are a husband and wife team. Alma is more on the graphic art end, Mike is more on the traditional art end. Together they offer a fun, functional, and eclectic mix of products. This year, you can expect to see functional items like menu planners, gift tags, and calendars, as well as art pieces like prints of traditional animals as well as the "underdogs" of the animal kingdom.
Price range: $2 - $100

Card Worth Framing

We're excited to introduce art from Celeste of CJS Woodland Shed to the Beehive Bazaar this season. She creates original hand printed linocut cards that are so cool you'll be tempted to hang them on your wall instead of sending them off to friends. Visit her at Etsy to check out her unique craft.

goods from the coal umbrella

candle holders made from collages using scrapbook paper, stamps, vintage photographs and more. . .

Wallets made by MaxineDear. The wallet making process...they remove the covering from the cardboard backing which gives hardback books their stiffness, then wrap this woven material over a soft thin leather to create a sturdy and comfortable wallet. Fabulous.

Paper packets chocked full of beautiful paper scraps, each little pile is a surprise from vintage wrapping paper to postage stamps, illustrations and more. Grab one for yourself, you deserve a little surprise. Note: Each mini pile is unique.

envelop design

"I love magazines and I always find some sort of inspiration by reading them. But a woman can only have so many magazines!" That is why Diana Camomile Peck of Envelop Design came up with the idea of rather than throwing her magazines away she could recycle them by turning them into envelopes. "The art in magazines is beautiful as well as silly and it is a shame to just throw it away." These envelopes are unusual and you can always find the perfect envelop that is fitting to a specific person. Each envelope is lined and includes a notecard and address label.

letter pressed cards

Hiedi Blackwelder specialty is in graphic design, especially cards and invitations for events, but she loves designing and crafting all kinds of things from silly to smart and everything in between. Her letter pressed cards and tags are darling and top-notch original.

This Christmas she is also dabbling in paint and doing a little makeover on old elementary school chairs. Very clever, don't your little one's need some color in their space?


Bridget McKinley, clever and crafty to no end, is joining the Beehive Bazaar this Christmas. Her banners are darling, amazing and much cuter than anything I have seen in stores. I hear she might be making birthday hats too, you can see a greenish one in the foreground of the first picture. I think I need one for every occasion. Check her out on her blog, she's got some delicious culinary ideas that might leave you hanking to whip something up in the kitchen.