Dallas Russell | Easily Amused

Inspired by variety, Dallas never makes the same thing twice. She loves to sew and embroider; she dabbles in crocheting, she beads and makes jewelry. So hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and get your ticket for the imagination contortionist and all of her wonderful oddities. Easily Amused gifts are intended for the frequently exuberant, the blatantly giddy, the often nostalgic and, of course, the easily amused. If you miss the attention to detail of yesteryear Dallas is your gal; her one of a kind creations are great to have and share. Price range: $2.00-80.00. Visit me here or here...

Colt Bowden

I make fine art for the common person. Color, texture, design, thread, paper, pen, ink, paint, you name it, I probabley use it somehow in my peices. I make paper people, which are sewn paper dolls mounted and ready to frame and put up on your wall. My wife and I also make letterpress cards and prints. Come check it out, and get a sneak peak here (www.coltbowden.blogspot.com). Price range $1-300.

Amy Redden | Vintage Fern

I love to create things and have to keep busy, I love using vintage and reclaimed fabrics as well as new. Here is what I make: purses, appliqued shirts, dish towels, vintage flower earrings, fabric cuff bracelets, hair clips and pins, headbands, onesies, burp cloths, receiving blankets, baby quilts, bibs, slip dresses, pillowcase dresses and shirts, kids aprons, fabric wallets, stitched note cards and notebooks, vintage flower rings, altered vintage suitcases. Price range: $1 - $45. Visit me here or here...

Loveland Miscellany

Loveland Miscellany showcases the combined and various works of Mike and Alma
Loveland. Married less than a year, the two are mixing the styles and media that they had
mastered on their own in a variety of projects, including watercolor and acryllic paintings and
prints, mixed media paintings and prints, felt brooches and glass cuff links, and small felt
children’s toys. The couple are inspired by the things they see around them and are always
eager to try something new, which yields a surprising, if miscellaneous assortment of products.

Freshly picked wallets and shopping sacs

Perfect size wallets. Each wallet is 4 x 4.5 & fully lined. Velcro closure.
This sweet wallet has a pretty red heart hand embroidered on the front.

Stop using those plastic bags! Reusable shopping bags are very affordable, fashionable & environmentally friendly.

This bag is patterned after the traditional plastic bag that you would get from the grocery store. This bag also includes a handy dandy carrying case. Just slide the case in your purse or murse & you always have it with you. There is a little extra room for keys & card if you just want to take the case to the store with you.

Width – 17”
Height – 18”
Handle drop – 5”

To check out more Freshly Picked goods on etsy look here, or to view Susan's blog.