Carrie Poulsen | The Big Brown House

  I’m a fan of fabric, and I love giving previously used fabrics new form and a new life. I’m turning beautifully colored (but no longer fashionable) wool sweaters into hats, scarves, other fun wearables and home accessories. Price range $10 - $60. Visit me here...

Mariposa Avenue-our very own Etsy featured seller!

We are so very proud of our gal Lisa Furner of Mariposa Avenue for being the Etsy featured seller for the next few days. Way to go! All of Mariposa Avenue lanterns are hand cut exclusively from recycled food cans and each one is unique to itself. In a dark room they will cast their shadows on the ceiling and walls. They are great for indoor and outdoor use and make great gifts. Direct link to the interview here.

wall art

Scribble It, a hip and funky vinyl wall art company, truly describes what we do, we offer "Scribbles" for your home. Instead of spending hours of designing, tracing and then hand-painting a design, give Scribble It a chance and within 10-15 minutes (depending on the Scribble) you can step back and truly love what you have done. We not only offer vinyl lettering, which is the hot item in home decor, but we also offer wall art. Designs with birds, dress forms, clocks and even shelves, the sky is the limit with our wall art. Check out our website

Beautiful Things

"I love beautiful things, but I am also an extremely practical person. I enjoy coming up with ways of taking a functional object such as a purse, a bar of soap or even a simple scarf and turning them into works of art without taking away from their function. That’s why I refer to my work as Functional Fiber Art. These are, for the most part, beautiful works of art, but they also are able to have a purpose. It reminds me of the human race, we also are works of art with purpose." Vanessa Mueller