Bren Larsen

I make pillow slipcovers with ruffles and other embellishments.  Every sofa needs a little spice... Pricing: $20-$35.

Ashley Giessing | Isabell’s Umbrella

Specializing in paper goods and such designed to life the clouds of a rainy day.  Our line up includes adorable stationery, bookmarks, magnets, brooches, necklaces, art prints and hand-sewn pillow dolls. Price range $3 - $35. Visit me here...

Annie Kershisnik Blake | Annilyngreen

These days Annilygreen is going bold and graphic and shiny!  So I'm making striped pillows out of fabric and metallic leather (for you!), typography art prints on fabric and paper, parallelogram zipper clutches out of fabric and leather (for your friends!), and probably some christmas ornaments (for your tree!). Price range:  $5-$60.

Andy Chase | Blueponies

I mostly make silk screened prints and silkscreened pillows.  My prints are usually silkscreened versions of linoleum cuts. The prints are all hand pulled and are in small editions. The pillows are hand-pulled on canvas using my silkscreened designs, then they are stuffed and sewn. I may also have a few small mixed-media paintings available also. Price range: $10.00- $100.00. Visit me at...