Dallas Russell | Easily Amused

Inspired by variety, Dallas never makes the same thing twice. She loves to sew and embroider; she dabbles in crocheting, she beads and makes jewelry. So hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and get your ticket for the imagination contortionist and all of her wonderful oddities. Easily Amused gifts are intended for the frequently exuberant, the blatantly giddy, the often nostalgic and, of course, the easily amused. If you miss the attention to detail of yesteryear Dallas is your gal; her one of a kind creations are great to have and share. Price range: $2.00-80.00. Visit me here or here...

Ashley Mae Hoiland | Birds of Ashmae

I make drawings and paintings, felted creatures, and children's books.  My dad also makes handmade silver jewelry.Pricing: $7.00-$50.00. Visit me at...

Loveland Miscellany

Loveland Miscellany showcases the combined and various works of Mike and Alma
Loveland. Married less than a year, the two are mixing the styles and media that they had
mastered on their own in a variety of projects, including watercolor and acryllic paintings and
prints, mixed media paintings and prints, felt brooches and glass cuff links, and small felt
children’s toys. The couple are inspired by the things they see around them and are always
eager to try something new, which yields a surprising, if miscellaneous assortment of products.

finger puppets

This kitty finger puppet is about the cutest thing I've ever seen. Imagine the hours you could spent playing with this, with or without kids. Keep one in your desk at the office, in the car, and don't forget to take the kitty to church.
Way to go Dallas. If you simply can't wait until the bazaar to get your hands on some of Dallas Russell's goods- try Frosty Darling in downtown SLC.

more sneak peeking...

main gallery Covey Center for the Arts, filled to the brim.

festive gourds by Ana Roberts, so cute!

darling goods by Kelly McKaleb

fabulous birthday hats by Bridget McKinley

phew! what a astronomical amount of handmade effort has gone into preparing for this show by every participant, we hope you enjoy it! (don't forget to bring your Christmas list!)

letter pressed cards

Hiedi Blackwelder specialty is in graphic design, especially cards and invitations for events, but she loves designing and crafting all kinds of things from silly to smart and everything in between. Her letter pressed cards and tags are darling and top-notch original.

This Christmas she is also dabbling in paint and doing a little makeover on old elementary school chairs. Very clever, don't your little one's need some color in their space?


I just bumped into Sonya Evans and saw her darling duds at the gallery stroll in Salt Lake City this past weekend. She is recently returned from Eugene Oregon and we are so pleased she will be joining the show.
Her screen-printed goods include shirts for adults (men and women) and kids, sweatshirts, totes and diaper covers. All of her designs are her own original artwork, hand-dyed fabric in groovin' colors. Check out her adult goods here or items for children here.