Eve Napierski - Evie Ivy Overstreet

I make mini holiday wreaths, banners, and terrariums, as well as mustache cowls and little felt watches. I'd love to add in some vintage pieces and some other seasonal crafts!

Find me on etsy or my blog or Instagram at @evieivyoverstreet.

I will be joining the Bazaar both weekends.

Kaelee Everett - My Dear Hazel

I make sweet dolls and unique stuffed animals out of my little cabin in the mountains of Utah. I specialize in making detailed lumberjack dolls, complete with tiny wooden axes, or hammers. I also take custom orders.

Find me on etsy or facebook or on instagram @mydearhazel.

I will be joining the Bazaar December 12- 14.

Kelsey Bang

I make easy clip on bow ties for adults, boys, and toddlers! I also make handmade stuffed animals! I currently have elephants, narwhals and penguins and I am working on other stuffed animal creations to have new for the show! (owls, tooth fairy pillows, etc.) I also will have some other small items like mini wallets, etc.

Visit me on Etsy,  Facebook,  Twitter, on my blog or follow me on Instagram @kelseybang.

I will be joining the Bazaar- December 5-7.

Sophia Wallman - Olive and Milo

I make hair bows, and bow-ties for children, adults, and animals. I also make head wraps. I try to have a wide variety of unique fabrics, that not only make an attractive product, but that are wearable, and long lasting. I make bows with elastic loops that can easily slide on to collars of any size. My hair bows come on either barrettes, or hair elastic, and I also sell bows on their own that are great for decorating, and for wrapping. My bow ties come in children and adult sizes, with adjustable neck bands, and metal clasps. My head wraps are relatively new, they are connected with elastic, and can be tied in a variety of different ways. My fabrics are all unisex, and great for boys, and girls of all ages.

Visit me on Etsy.

I will be joining the Bazaar- December 12-14.