Christmas Show Playlist

Our 2014 holiday show has wrapped up and guys, it was so fun. A lot of you have asked about our playlist, so as our Christmas gift to you, here it is! [embed light height="600" width="450"][/embed]

Play it at parties, in your car, or a Christmas dance contest. People have those, right?

Evie Ivy Overstreet

i have really found a passion for woodburning, and will be bringing an assortment of beautiful and useful pieces like hangers, hammers, mallets and axes- all with unique woodburned decoration. \ni will also have upcycled sweater stockings, felt watches and banners.

See more here. Evie Ivy will join us Dec 4-6

Pickering's Pottery

We do handcrafted pottery and original indoor/outdoor art.

See more here. Pickering's Pottery will join us Dec 4-6

Light & Ink

Stump prints, cutting boards, air plant holders, stump side tables

See more here. Light & Ink will be joining us Dec 4-6


I make art prints and stationary (note cards, calendars, labels, etc) featuring hand-lettering, florals, and retro illustrations. I also do fun knick knacks such as buttons, wood ornaments and pins.

See more here. NiftySwank will be joining us Dec 4-6

Bro's Bow

Bro's Bow makes custom hand-made bow ties. We provide one-of-a-kind ties to people seeking to personalize their style and look on an everyday basis.

See more here. Bro's Bow will be joining us Dec 4-6


We make fresh, unique and whimsical accessories for children and adults using wooden textiles and handmade tassels. Ranging from hair pins to mommy and me bracelet sets to tassel ombre necklaces, we have all of your whimsy needs covered. Our most popular items are our modern color block bracelets, which provide a unique spin on the classic charm bracelet.

See more here. CagedBird will join us Dec 4-6

Emme + Ivy

Hand made leather baby flats and boots for your little one's feet. Head wraps for mommas and babies.

See more here. Emme + Ivy will join us Dec 4-6

Workman Made

Cal Workman and daughters love to make functional and special pieces that honor quality over quantity. Each metal piece is hand forged and welded in Cal's Utah County workshop. The daughters also like to sew, repurpose, and create practical and eye pleasing items.

See more here. Workman Made will be joining us Dec 4-6

Olive Deer

I use rough gemstones, minerals, fossils, and a method called electroforming to create handmade jewelry.  Electroforming is a metalforming process that forms a layer of copper onto a conductive surface. This method allows me to create beautiful pieces that highlight the natural qualities of each stone or fossil, keeping true to an entirely organic look and feel. Allowing the copper to form around the curvature of each gemstone makes each piece completely one of a kind.

See more stuff here. Olive Deer will be joining us Dec 4-6

Little Bow and Arrow

Organic clothing and accessories for children, and hand screen printed tee's/sweatshirts for children and adults.

See more here. Little Bow and Arrow will be joining us Dec 4-6

Hollyhock Jewelry

I make and sell gemstone jewelry. My work is influenced by Himalayan and Native American art. I love bright colors and organic materials. I have sold my jewelry in Park City and Midway shops.

Hollyhock Jewelry will be joining us Dec 4-6


Melware Ceramics

My work is ceramic hand-built stamp pressed slab forms combined with thrown forms. The greens orange and brown colors that I use is a shout out to the retro colors of the 60's and early 70's. The stamps I use are also hand made and are words written in a graffiti style. Ultimately it's the type of kitchen ware that blends in while making a statement.

Melware Ceramics will be joining us Dec 4-6

Floral Design by Erin

I make prints & greeting cards from my original watercolor artwork and calligraphy. I also do custom wedding bridal/couple illustrations.

See more work here. Erin will be joining us Dec 4-6

PLANKS custom woodwork

See more of their stuff here. PLANKS will be joining us Dec 4-6

Owl Have You In Stitches

I love to make fun and interesting critters and creatures in matchboxes. I also make felt taxidermy and ornaments for the Holidays.

See more here. Owl Have You In Stitches will be joining us Dec 4-6

Paige Place

See more of their work here. Paige Place will be joining us Dec 4-6

Maeberry Vintage

See more vintage clothing here. Maeberry Vintage will be joining us Dec 4-6

Mia Earrings


I make wonderful amazing jewelry! I specialize is earrings and necklaces of all kind. My favorite color is GOLD so I use a lot of gold. I can't wait for you to see all my new items.

Mia Earrings will be joining us Dec 4-6. See more of her work here