Courtney Packer - Violet Hill Boutique

Violet Hill Boutique has now been open for 2 1/2 years. Our first location was on historic Main Street in Logan, UT and now we are located at the Cache Valley Mall. We have been making handmade goods since we've opened our stores and here are some of our best sellers from our store. Here is a list of our items that we sell and their corresponding prices:

Pocketwatch necklaces $18 Charm Necklaces $10 Charm Earrings $6 Charm Bracelets $8 Locket Necklaces $12 Resin Flower Earrings (various sizes and colors) $4-$10 Resin Flower Rings $10 Resin Flower Bobby Pins $7 Fabric covered button earrings (various sizes and colors) $6-$8 Fabric covered bobby pins $7 Painted Filigree Earrings $8 Painted wood bead necklaces $15 Chevron Beaded Necklaces $15 Matching beaded earrings $8 Pallet Wood Signs (handpainted and original designs) $30-$50 Jewelry Holder Signs $20-$25 Book Page Prints (5x7) $5-$10 Painted Heart Earrings $7 Rosette Earrings $7

We are constantly coming up with new designs! So by the time of the show we have may have new designs we will be bringing.