Beehive Bazaar Holiday 2011 Line-Up Announced!

We're so very terribly impressed every season with the abundance of local talent--wow--just when we think we've seen it all, fresh, new arts and crafts pour in. This season was no different, we received hundreds of applications from all over the state--some Beehive Bazaar vets, some crafters we've always hoped to have apply, who finally did and others we'd never heard of and can't wait to meet.

We capped our vendors at 47 this year because that's all that will fit in our super deluxe new space--The Bell Room--it's on the corner of University and Center Street in Provo and if you haven't seen it yet, do take a look, it's the best space in town.

Thanks to everyone who submitted an application--please know we do our best to keep the show both fresh and familiar all the while trying to give every deserving crafter a spot in the show as often as possible--but the spots are limited--so if you didn't make it this year, please don't give up.

So, without further ado, we're proud to announce the Beehive Bazaar Holiday 2011 Line-Up:

  • Amy Redden | Vintage Fern
  • Anne Scott | Anne’s Jam
  • Ashley Isenhour | Wendy and Peter
  • Ashley Mae Hoiland | Birds of Ashmae
  • Brittany White Johnson | Art-Kit-Tec
  • Candice Isaacson | Fleeting Red
  • Carrie Poulsen | The Big Brown House
  • Chris Benson | CKB Creations
  • Colett Yarro
  • Courtney Snowden (Call IT Courtney)
  • Dallas Russell | Easily Amused Goods
  • Elle Rowley | Elle-M-N-O-P
  • Emily Cooper | Emily Elizabeth’s Designs
  • Eve Napierski | Evie Ivy Overstreet
  • Jen Wakeland and Heather Van Dam | Squackdoodle
  • Jennifer Paul | JK Designs
  • Jennifer Reed | 3 Dotters
  • Jessica Berrett | Urban Patchwork
  • Jill Swensen | Yarrn
  • Justin C. Troyna | Leafkeeper Press
  • Kanani Hayes | Vinylicious
  • Katie Blake | Katie Dean
  • Katie Burgess | Dejavu Old & New
  • Krista Schmitz and Shelly Perkins | Three Penny Market
  • Madi McQueen | MKM Handiwork
  • Mari Spiker | Autumn Dame
  • Megan Whitaker | Noisette
  • Melany Larsen | Jellabee
  • Michael and Jill | De Haan Art
  • Michael Phipps
  • Molly Call | 4Girls
  • Molly Fehr | SkitterFinch Studio
  • Monica Dennis | MD Sparks
  • Nalisa Dunford | Nalisa’s Oil Cloth
  • Natalie Psuik | Garden Variety
  • Nicole Melquist
  • NikkiJackson | Crimson Digit
  • Noelle Olpin | Noelle O Designs
  • Rachel Schutz | Darlybird
  • Steve and Michele Hunt | Twig
  • Susanne Holifield | Sorry Clementine
  • Suzi Bates | Just Be
  • Tami Thornton | Beehive Soap and Body Care
  • Tonya Vistaunet |
  • Trieste Prusso | Trieste Prusso Design
  • Zoe Jacobsen and Jeremy Josephson | Ruby Market

We'll be posting info about each one later this week so check back soon!

Molly, Duane and Noelle