Jessica Anderson - Kaarina

I am addicted to making things! I love sewing, painting, stained glass and a whole bunch of other things too. My sewing addiction has made mainly wallets and purses. I've made small sun-catchers and large yard art garden blooms in glass. And, I love painting matryoshka dolls of all kinds.

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Jennifer Wakeland - Squackdoodle

We make witty and functional home good pieces that add a twist to the classics. Our items range in diversity from pop culture ceramics to faux taxidermy, cast iron hooks, and more. Our items have been reworked into bright and trend forecasted colors or uniquely appliquéd to create one of a kind show stoppers and conversation starters

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Nichole & Justin Huntington - Cavalcade

We are a husband and wife team, who love to make old things new and new things more beautiful. Are most unique products are powder coated lamps and spoon fun bright colors for a one of kind look for your parties and home. (And any other fun vintage metal items we have found.)

We also make our earrings one of a kind in that we powder coat light weight metal filigrees fun colors.

Nichole's favorite thing to make are fun prints for everyday and every holiday. Or clips maybe our hair clips which are one of a kind. I design various flowers for big and little girls. We use many different materials from felt to crepe paper. Different for every show.

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Jen Peterson - Calendars and Chores

Perpetual Dry/Wet Erase Magnetic Calendars: Always be 6 week ahead in organizing your family’s activities. Once the top week is over, erase it and move it to the bottom of the calendar, while moving the other weeks up. Many magnet board styles and colors to choose from.

We also have Magnetic Menu Planners, Memo Magnets, and other fun Organizational Tools.

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Hailey Leichtey - WHiMSiMOBiLiA

• Original embroidered felt needle books and kits, complete with lovely wool felt, floss, instructions and handmade ceramic buttons. • Ceramic medallions for the sheroes and heros in your life. • Incredibly strong and fun magnets lovingly glued to whimsical ceramic do~dads.

Hailey and Conrad Nebeker - Nebeker Arts and Sweets

Food and art are two of our passions. Handmade favorites include pralines, buckeyes, and more. As well as small works of art on paper, canvas, and wood. Our cards are all original art made on artisan paper and include quotes from our two spunky and extremely verbal children.

George Parkinson

My name is George, like the curious monkey and Parkinson, like the disease. I love to make things that make life more fun, colorful and beautiful. When I am not making up recipes in my kitchen with my mom or designing and sewing custom dresses for clients and friends, I like to figure out ways to make useful things out of otherwise strange objects. For instance, you take some old root beer bottles and vases, add some felt balls and resin and you get some delightful pom pom flower arrangements that never die! The animal lover in me finds its way into the small portraits of various living creatures. See more of my fashion work at


Eve Napierski - Evie Ivy Overstreet

i love to create fun, bright things. i love working with vintage and re-purposed materials. this spring i'll be making a big batch of my felt watches, some colorful wreaths, terrariums in recycled jars with faux greens, as well as some robots and maybe other soft dolls!


Winnie Press - Wacky Woolies

We are Winnie Press and Wacky Woolies -- a mother and daughter duo. We make fun & unique letterpress and felted goods at our studio in Midway, Utah. Some of our letterpress goods include cards, garlands, gift tags, garland kits, place cards, and scrap packs. We also make all kinds of felted items including pin cushions, sweaters, pillows, nativities, garlands, santas, angels, felted soaps. We do special orders and classes as well.

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Ellie Madsen - Cup and Cake Art

I make paintings that I hope will make the world brighter and happier. I specialize in whimsical art for children and nurseries that depicts animals doing fun activities. I'm an artist living in Salt Lake City, UT and in addition to my artwork, I've written and illustrated a children's book that is available an as e-book.

Monica Dennis - MDsparks

I make handmade jewelry and my collection includes the following genres: steampunk designs, floral/feminine pieces, Victorian lockets, and modern silver necklaces . My newest additions feature vintage Victorian compact mirrors, tie bars, and cuff links. I love mixing genres and repurposing old vintage components with things that are modern and new.

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Melissa Lisonbee - Voulez Designs

Voulez (pronounced like voo-lay) means "want" in French. I design and hand make simple, modern, very wearable jewelry. I believe jewelry is an accessory that can brighten any outfit and change the way you feel in your clothes. My goal is to make jewelry that women will love to wear and want to have in their collection.

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Madi McQueen - MKM Handiwork

Leather jewelry/accessories. I love using natural with neon, organic with synthetic, and modern with rustic. Opposites really compliment each other when working with these materials and it is so fun pushing the limits with this stuff! My leather work is my newest love.

Fabric covered button jewelry/accessories. Happy colorful classy and vintage. This was my first love that brought me into the creation world for business 5 years ago.

Lori Ross - Earrings by Lori

I've been making jewelry for myself, family and friends for over 10 years, but earrings are my favorites! I am attracted to a natural look in my jewelry. I love using pearls and natural stones (jasper, labradorite, turquoise, citrine, and many others). I enjoy collecting all sorts of stones, shells and other accents when I travel. Recently on a beach vacation, we gathered sea glass. It's one on my new favorite stones to create with!

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Dennis and Sheila Pickering - Pickerings' Potter Shop

Grandma and Grandpa have been married for 55 years and spend their time making pottery together. Grandpa throws the pots, and Grandma decorates and glazes them. Grandma also makes decorative plaques and clay cottages. The pottery is fired at 2200 degrees for several hours, so it is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. It is also safe to use them as serving dishes or to eat out of them. These make great, unique gifts and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and prices.