kanani hayes | vinylicious

Vinylicious is the result of the creative juices that I am able to squeeze out in the wee hours after a long day of playing with my 5 wacky and lovable kids. OK more like slaving over and chasing down along with brief magical moments of play.

colett yarro

My art has been taking a different turn lately, I have been experimenting with different subject matters, colors and adding a ton of texture.  I love carving words and sayings into the paint and I’m pretty happy with the way they have turned out.

courtney snowden | call it courtney

I’m all about the thrill of the hunt. I canvas thrift stores, estate sales, and even those sketchy antique stores that no girl in her right mind would walk into alone. I’m looking for that one awesome thing that is irrevocably unique. I think the pc term for what I make is vintage altered art assemblage. But let me break it down…I find cool old stuff and make it into cool new stuff. Some of my recent projects are holiday wreaths made from vintage goodness,  frames of misfit toys and altered birdcage dolls. While some of my pieces might bare a striking family resemblance, because they’re vintage by nature, they’re truly one of a kind. What I find determines what I make, so it’s hard to pin point what’s next in the repertoire. You can sometimes call IT kitschy, sometimes call IT shabby, sometimes call IT retro, but you can always call IT courtney. Visit me here...

adri nye | 10 things

My products come in 3 categories: "For Mom" - hoodies, scarves, tops, skirts and hats that are stylish, unique, comfortable, and affordable. "For kids" - jackets, hats, hoodies, shirts, and skirts that are quirky, cute, and fun. "For play" - Colorful kids toys that stimulate learning and creativity.

megan whittaker | noisette

I make yummy treats! French macarons, gourmet marshmallows...basically anything that looks fancy and tastes great. I use the freshest and most natural ingredients I can find. Visit me here...

emily cooper | emily elizabeth's designs

On top of selling the usual fun repurposed items that I have become know for, I am now making silk screened wall hangings, throw pillows and magnets. These items are still hand made by me, however, they are made out of new materials and are not repurposed.  I will still be selling the repurposed home decor items that I am passionate about, I just want to do something fun and fresh! I take pride in what I do because I am doing my part in being environmentally conscious. I am professionally trained in color selection which helps me create pieces that will fit into a variety of home decor styles. Enjoy!

kate allen | cinnamonink

I create art for children's rooms and the home.  I describe my work as vintage in feel with a simplistic, modern twist.  My pieces are line drawings that speak to the innocence, imagination and fun of childhood. Visit me here.

caitlyn renshaw | most adoringly

I make a few different kinds of headbands made from felt, also I make headbands bows from vintage fabric and ribbon, I make them both on stretchy and metal headbands.The jewelry I make incorporates vintage pieces, and mostly pearls and crystals. I make feather earrings only out of natural feather colors. I am an accessory maker :) Visit me here..

alexis mattox | alexis mattox design

I make laser-cut stationery, artwork, and home decor items. I create modern and  classic designs produced though a unique and upcoming medium. All my items are designed and produced personally and locally. Visit me here...

stacey mcclure | modest pillows

"Modest" Pillow Covers. Cover up those naked pillows streaking wild through your house with one of our double serged pillow covers. These covers are in style and will make your decor stand out. They are made with your naked pillow forms in mind. Pillow covers are made in a pet free, smoke free studio. Grab a naked pillow form, add a modest cover and wah-lah you are covered in class! Modest Pillows - for all your covering needs. Visit me here...

jessica st. thomas & ali fenlon | jeka tree

We make modern handbags and leather accessories for all ages. All of our products and patterns are created by the two of us. Each item is carefully designed to be completely unique. They all range in style, size, and color, making each item one-of-a-kind. Visit me here...

dallas russell | easily amused goods

Inspired by variety, Dallas never makes the same thing twice. She loves to sew and embroider; dabbles in crocheting, she beads and makes jewelry. So hurry, hurry, hurry, step right up and get your ticket for the imagination contortionist and all of her wonderful oddities. Easily Amused gifts are intended for the frequently exuberant, the blatantly giddy, the often nostalgic and, of course, the easily amused. If you miss the attention to detail of yesteryear Dallas is your gal; her one of a kind creations are great to have and share. Visit me here...

tami thornton | beehive soap and body care llc

I specialize in handcrafted cold process soaps in a lovely array of fragrances (new this spring... Ginger Pear!) for men and women of all ages!  I also have a wonderful solid lotion bar, lip balm, bath bombs, gift baskets, luxurious wash cloths, shampoo bars, shaving soaps, bath salts, and soap dishes.  Everything is handmade by me - except for the soap sacks and soap dishes (both made in US). Visit me here...

madi mcqueen | MKM Handiwork

What you make (50-100 words): Covered button jewelry and accessories, belt buckles, reclaimed belts, started to implement leather more and more, moccasins. Visit me here...

Angela Flicker | The Artists' House

I specialize in machine appliqué quilts and create customized, truly unique quilts, sewn together one piece at a time.  Along with quilts, I also create fiber wall art, home decor items, bags, and children's clothing.  My work is often called bright, unique, and one-of-a-kind. Visit me here...