Sherisa Bly | Robots Are Forever

I have always been a collector of little unwanted odds and ends. From unique buttons and fabric scraps to the perfectly good, unused sculpey from the elementary school. I have become the recipient of many precious treasures. My goal is to take what already exists and reshape it into something original and useful. This spring I have mushroom-shaped hot pad holders, coasters made from vintage fabrics, cards, and, my favorite- "flower pot friends". These are little sculpey creatures, hand-shaped, baked, and glazed that live inside your flower pots, protecting, and defending your plants!


Scott Rawlings | Full Give

I make custom leather belts. Each one is hand finished using various techniques to achieve a wide variety of designs. I like to re-use old working buckles. I also use the natural highlights or defects in the leather to my creative advantage. No two belts are ever the same. Each piece must be something i can be proud of before it gets to be sold.


Sarinda Jones | Reflective Art Studio and Podds

"I use a phrase, 'Left of Center', to describe the details in my work. This phrase is also used to describe the relationships of the visual line and emotional motivations." Sarinda Jones begins each piece with conceptual drawings and designs then moves to the technical methods of assembling and completing each piece. Every work is one-of-a-kind. Although some pieces share common shapes or elements, no two are exactly alike, ensuring the originality of the work. A minimalist approach gives her pieces a contemporary feel and illuminates the simple beauty.

Jeremy Josephson & Zoe Jacobson | Ruby Market

The Ruby Market girls have been working like crazy to present you with some of our newest hits. We like to create things that we know will make everyone happy such as our recycled materials bags, our "not your mama's corsage" flowers, and our Hotwheel roll-up car toys. We like to bring old and new design elements together, elements that are sure to catch everyone's attention! Don't fret though; we would never forget some of our customer favorites, like our lavender rice therapy bags or our nag rags. It makes us so happy to see that there is a customer for every idea! The Beehive Bazaar crowd is what has inspired us to keep on keepin' on! We would love another chance to participate in this event.

Eve Napierski | Evie Ivy Overstreet & Liesel Potter | Liesel's Art Studio

(Eve) Being able to stay home with my boys has given me the opportunity to express my inherent creativity. I love to make things for children and home, with a lot of hand stitching and applique. I'm busy making felt watches & bracelets, little clothes, pillows, tote bags, lavender sachets and a few soft friends. (Liesel) I have always loved to make things, the more versatility involved the better. I graduated with my bachelors degree in art right before I had my first baby. I make prints and magnets of my art as well as bookbinding with journals and planners and address books. They all feed my need to create.

Monica Dennis | MD Sparks

I design affordable handmade jewelry. My exploration into the world of jewelry making began once I was finished with my degree and actually had some extra time on my hands to devote to a hobby. It has turned into a creative outlet that allows me to relax and unwind after a long day at work. I always look forward to getting home and exercising the other side of my brain. :D

Katie Brandeburg | Little Bee Note Jewelry

I make pretty little ditties that dangle on your lobes! Rare, vintage, opaque German and Czech glass is used to create unique modern, yet delicate one of kind pieces. These earrings are definitely a step up from costume jewelry but still feel like something precious from your grandmas jewelry box! I started designing jewelry in high school and came back to it in college as a way to give something a little more personal and fun to my girlfriends for birthdays and Christmas.

The Irwins

Tim enjoys skateboarding and making art, so skateboard clocks seemed a natural choice. Tim finds skateboard parts at local skateparks and turns them into functional art. They will add character to any space. Jade is 10 years old and takes after her dad with her creativity. She will be making various crafts using buttons. Some of her button crafts include: clocks, barrettes, bookmarks, rings, bracelets, and magnets.

Haley and Madelyn, 8 years old, will be designing and making buttons/pins with their button machine that can be attached to backpacks, purses, shirts, etc. They will also be making magnets.

The Estes Girls | Button Boutique

My girls and I make pocket mirrors, earrings, magnets, rings and pinback buttons.  This year we hope to include bracelets and holiday/birthday banners.  We started making things out of a love for crafting.  We had fun making things together and loved giving our family and friends gifts we had made.  It then turned into a little business which has provided a great way to teach my girls about business, help them earn some extra money, and increase their creativity!

Julia Demartini | Designs by Julia

My crafting skills have been developing as I experiment creating laptops sleeves, hand embroidered pillows, clothing of all sorts (for women and girls), all natural soaps and more. This Bazaar I am planning on selling several different handmade goodies. First, I make all natural bars of soap in scrumptious scents like clove nutmeg, lemongrass, grapefruit orange, peppermint, vanilla, plumeria and more! My hand and body soaps have nice exfoliating textures. Second, I will be selling fancy bobby pins made from unique gems and buttons. These fancy bobbies spice up any hair style and really are as cute as a button. Last but not least, I will be selling summer clothes for women and girls. I design and make all my merchandise from cute, unique, often vintage fabrics.

Dallas Russell | Easily Amused

Inspired by variety, Dallas never makes the same thing twice. She loves to sew and embroider, dabbles in crocheting, and beads and makes jewelry. Step right up and get your ticket for non-stop entertainment. For those who are ticklish, tickle your funny bone with hand made wonders, for the adorable, you can finally find some thing you can relate to, for the colorful, tired of dull (needs something here) for the nostalgic, if you miss the attention to detail of yesteryear Dallas is your gal. Her one of a kind creations are great to have and share.


Clarissa Haycock | Coco Sailore

I've created handmade fabric pictures to sew onto onesies and baby t-shirts. I sew each picture by hand with thick thread and un-hemmed edges. To me it expresses the newness and uniqueness of babies. The designs do not have iron-on adhesives to ensure that the garments do not have a manufactured look. I like how the fabric sometimes bunches and gives it a slightly 3-D look. I began Coco Sailore as a creative outlet and as a way to provide friends and family with unique gifts for their babies and toddlers.