Elm Avenue - Holly Beck

I make jewelry, reclaimed wood shelves (hexagon and I'm hoping to be making some triangle shelves this season too!), and I'm also making concrete ornaments, magnets, and home decor. I may have a couple other items too, just depending on what I can get done in the next couple months! See more here! Holly will be joining us Dec 11-13

Lot801 - Lindsay White

Handmade luxury children's apparel. Made with 100% organic cotton & water based inks. See more here! Lindsay will be joining us Dec 11-13

Candy Everything - Megan Bowen

Hard candy figurines made from antique molds. We have over 70 shapes of this traditional holiday candy ranging from tiny elephants to a large ship. We also make drop candy on a restored antique candy roller machine. See more here! Megan will be joining us Dec 11-13

Made by Jewls - Julianne Best

Fabric covered button earrings, hair pins, hair ties, necklaces, cufflinks, and bracelets; crocheted or knitted hair bows; glitter ribbon hair bows; tied fabric necklaces for Mom's with teething babies or for teething toddlers to wear; metal mustache, star, arrow, and heart earrings; druzy sparkly earrings; initial necklaces; felt flower hair accessories; "please knock, baby is sleeping" door signs; handmade amber teething necklaces. See more here! Julianne will be joining us Dec 11-13

Kensie Kate - Kensie Smith

Kensie Kate makes happy, colorful, and bright prints and postcards sure to put a smile on your face! See more here! Kensie will be joining us Dec 11-13

Peck's Vanilla - Alan Peck

Hand crafted vanilla extracts & sugars using natural ingredients and no additives. See more here! Alan will be with us Dec 11-13


Mikan Creations - Fumi Davis

I make items using recycled and vintage clothing and fabric. I like the challenge of creating something completely new from otherwise unusable fabrics. I try to use natural materials as much as possible including organic cotton stuffing and organic wool yarn as a safer choice for everyone especially children. Fumi will be joining us Dec 11-13

MDsparks - Monica Dennis

I use a broad range of supplies to craft a unique jewelry collection that doesn't fit into a single artistic genre. MDsparks perfectly reflects my short attention span and sporadic aesthetic taste. I love to source materials from estate sales or hidden corners in consignment shops. Old vintage watch movements and Victorian brass stampings are common elements in my pieces and allow me to relive a childhood obsession with fantasy novels. I often embellish brass lockets because as a child I coveted my grandmothers impressive trinket/costume jewelry collection. I've honed an ability to work with wire and enjoy using it to wrap around pearls, stones and beads. Nothing is more satisfying than making a piece of jewelry that creates a bit of excitement in someone else. See more here! Monica will be joining us Dec 11-13

bluebird turquoise stone cluster briolette

Victoria-Riza Illustration - Victoria Hyde

Original fashion illustrations and fashion illustration prints (art work, calendar, cards, etc.) See more here! Victoria will be joining us Dec 11-13

Kate Wolsey Art

Colorful illustrations inspired by mid century design, overheard conversations, strangers I find fascinating, and nostalgia. I also love commission work and can be contacted through my website. Kate will be joining us Dec 11-13

Kinderbooth - Jessica Berrett

We sell affordable handmade toys that are modern, simple, and pretty. You'll also find home decor items and gifts, such as pillows, magnets, and hand warmers (plus lots more!). See more here! Jessica with be joining us Dec 11-13

A Dash of Sass Designs - Cristal Smith

Handmade unique accessories for mommies and their littles! See more here! Crystal will be joining us Dec 11-13

The Posh Plum - Bridgett Dedrickson

The Posh Plum specializes in unique hats for babies, toddlers, and children! I make eye-catching earflap hats as well as crochet pom hats that will be a cold weather staple. See more here! Bridgett will be joining us Dec 11-13

Queen of the Hive - Carrie de Azevedo

Handmade accessories, decor and clothing made from recycled materials. See more here! Carrie will be joining us Dec 11-13