Elizabeth Estes - Buttons and Badges

Visit our Etsy shop.

We will be joining the Bazaar Dec 4-6 and Dec 11-13.

Charlotte and Joe Brown - The Greyson Foundation

We make art, home decor, magnets, some jewelry.  Check out our Facebook page and Etsy shop!

We will be joining the Bazaar May 1-3.

Hailey Liechty - WHiMSiMOBiLiA

All sorts of whimsimobilic do-dads (magnets, ornaments, medallions, bells, needle books, paper dolls) mostly made out of the following materials: clay, wire, wool felt, paper & paint, magnets & ribbons.

Find me here or on instagram @WHiMSiMOBiLiA.

I will be joining the Bazaar December 5-7.

Tonya Vistaunet

I am a crafter with a craft room that is overflowing. For this show I have a booth called "Craft Room Clear Out". I am organizing and simplifying my craft room. My loss is your gain! I will have yards and yards of awesome fabric, tons of trims, buttons galore, jewelry parts, collage items, and many vintage craft supplies at below retail prices. If something can be made of it, I probably have it. Come and get some terrific craft supplies and start your own new hobby! I will also have "fortune" and quote magnets. Great for yourself or as a small, fun gift!

Jen Peterson - Calendars and Chores

Perpetual Dry/Wet Erase Magnetic Calendars: Always be 6 week ahead in organizing your family’s activities. Once the top week is over, erase it and move it to the bottom of the calendar, while moving the other weeks up. Many magnet board styles and colors to choose from.

We also have Magnetic Menu Planners, Memo Magnets, and other fun Organizational Tools.

See more here.

Hailey Leichtey - WHiMSiMOBiLiA

• Original embroidered felt needle books and kits, complete with lovely wool felt, floss, instructions and handmade ceramic buttons. • Ceramic medallions for the sheroes and heros in your life. • Incredibly strong and fun magnets lovingly glued to whimsical ceramic do~dads.

Estes Girls | My Button Boutique

Button Boutique started as "uh-oh, I didn't think I would win" purchase on eBay.  In order to pay for the cost of our new crafting tools, the Estes girls quickly got to work creating all things buttons.  Buttons became a creative outlet and for some an obsession.  Slowly it evolved into a small business - one in which all Estes girls (ages thirty-something to three) help keep going.  With a houseful of six gals (and one very patient man) creating and making things is a daily event, one that seems to be a necessity.  Creating brings us happiness and sometimes a little extra cash.  We make adorable button earrings, pocket mirrors, hair accessories, magnets, and other button goodies.  We are excited to introduce some new products at the upcoming bazaar! 

Gentry Blackburn | Frosty Darling

Using felt and vintage fabrics, I make a variety of colorful items such as stuffed animals, pillows and accessories. In my work I walk the line between bold and fun and comforting and nostalgic. Lately I've been making kitschy Utah souvenirs. Provo Pride! Visit me!

The Estes Girls | Button Boutique

We started making buttons as a creative outlet for all the women in Estes household. It was something that we could all do and do together. What started as a hobby has developed into a little business. We love to create, think of new ideas, and share it with others. We make adorable earrings, pocket mirrors, rings, bobby pins, and other button goodies. Our products are different from most jewelry sold. They are bright, fun and extremely affordable. Visit us!

Candace Jean Andersen

I've been working really hard these last few months to increase my selection. I'll have-all new prints of never-before-seen girls and characters in time for this show, both as open and limited editions. I've got new necklace designs and have expanded my product selection into bookmarks, magnets, gift tags, stationery and notepads. I also plan to have ready unique, holiday-themed designs perfect for December. A few new cards have been added to the line as well, and adorable new frames have been found to house my prints and will be available; waiting and ready-to-hang. What fun! Come visit me!

Hailey Meyer Liechty

I want to do something completely different this time. There will still be some clay, some felt and some calendars. The theme though is "Whimsimobilia" (to see truly the most boring blog on the planet check out http://whimsimobilia.blogspot.com/). The idea is to create a mini toy store of sorts made up of fun things that I am making out of the detritus of the business. Small books, table tent prayer list/pads, puppets (?), felt books, felt tissue holders, super strong clay magnets (circles & bees only), a few tie dyed aprons with a clever applique, jumping jacks covered in vintage wall paper, bubble blowers, small bags of clay beads, maybe a stick horse or two.