Lee Bennion | Mom's Stuff

Mom’s Stuff is an all natural salve handmade by Lee Bennion for use on hands, feet, lips, or anywhere else you may have chapped or cracked skin. Many of my customers use it on their extended family- their pets! Lee uses it on her dogs & horses when ever they get a scratch. It also keeps the biting flies out of their ears! Most of the ingredients are known to have anti bacterial and anti fungal properties to them. It also gives relief to itching insect bites. Mom’s Stuff Salve is made from:

  • Comfrey from our garden
  • Olive oil
  • Apricot kernel oil
  • Sweet almond oil
  • Neem oil
  • Jojoba oil
  • Lanolin
  • Locally gathered beeswax
  • Locally gathered pinion pine pitch
  • Tea tree oil
  • Rosemary essential oil

It smells and feels wonderful and is loved by both men and women.

Why is it called Mom’s Stuff?

Our oldest daughter Louisa worked as a guide on the Colorado River in Grand Canyon one summer and shared some of my salve with her fellow guides. They all loved it and were constantly asking for more of her Mom’s Stuff for their hands and feet, claiming it was the best thing that they had ever used. Cracks in feet and hands were healing while out on trips! They asked if I would make it available for sale and eventually I complied.



Nikki Jackson | Crimson Digit

I love to work with stained glass-the seemingly limitless colors and textures make creating items for your home and self alot of fun!

Suzanne Holifield | Sorry Clementine

I make women’s clothing comprised of mainly shirts, skirts, dresses, hoodies, and tank tops. My designs are exclusive, meaning they are either one of a kind or made in very limited size runs. Each piece that I make is an original from the beginning concept, sourcing raw materials, the design, to it’s final construction. I focus on designing clothing that is fun, unique, fits great, and is comfortable to wear.Visit me here.

Amy Maughan | Mia

I make beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories. Some of my earrings are made with vintage rhinestone that give you that old Hollywood feel. I also make fabric covered earrings using my grandmothers old quilting squares so they are truly one of a kind. I make all kinds of necklace for all different ages. I love making jewelry.Visit me here.

Rachel Schutz | Darlybird

I make girly stuff: jewelry, hair, some packaged goodsVisit me here.

Danielle Leatham | The Yellow Cabinet

I design screen prints which I hand print on colored chalkboards, tea towels, and quality paper. I paint watercolor pictures of furniture, I sell the original paintings framed, and I have loose prints of the originals.Visit me here or here.

Chris Benson | CKB Creations

I personally design, craft, wire, string, assemble and finish each of my jewelry designs from start to finish. Each piece is one-of-kind or a very limited quantity. I use only high quality gemstones, crystals, vintage glass and sterling silver (.925 +). I also have begun producing my own sterling silver pieces.Visit me here.

Meredith Church | Lily Jane Stationary

I hand-illustrate a variety of paper goods: greeting cards, stationery, invitations, toy bin tags, wall prints, recipe cards, bookplates, and custom designs, too. I also make little flags for cakes and other baked goodies. I like my designs to be simple and clean with a bit of color and a little whimsy.Visit me here.

Monica Dennis | MDSparks

I make a variety of handmade jewelry. My collection includes; re-purposed vintage pieces, steampunk wear, ultra-feminine flowers, and simple silver accessories.Visit me here.

Jennifer Reed | 3 Dotters

I am inspired by all things vintage and retro. I love to find vintage junk and re-purpose items into one of a kind treasures. I will have my regular crowns, party hats and jewelry. I have also been making some really cool lamps that I am bringing. I love old paper, textiles and sewing supplies and have been using them in one of a kind whimsy items. I will also be bringing some vintage trim for your own projects.Visit me here.

Rebecca Haacke | Bug Bites Play Food

Handmade Felt Play Food Toys that create fun, imaginative play for children of all ages. I design and make my items to be the most durable, FUN & aesthetic toys possible using natural, recycled and eco-friendly materials. My bright, happy, heirloom-quality toys help cultivate brilliant imaginations and encourage healthy eating habits learned through play.Visit me here.

Mandy Buntjer | Hoop-LA

Vintage and modern earrings. We use stamped metal and hand paint and seal each one in over 20 colors. We are always coming out with new styles and colors depending on the season. They are all one of a kind. We also paint and make coordinating metal headbands.Visit us here or here.

Carlyn Barrus | Greenies

Cloth diapers created with both the planet and a tight budget in mind. Greenies cloth diapers are made with sumptuous organic merino wools and unbelievably soft organic bamboo velour and fleece, as well as upcycled cottons and repurposed sweaters. They fit babies 7-35 pounds, and will save literally thousands of dollars before they wear out. Products include waterproof covers, wool covers, fitted diapers, diaper inserts, 100% wool dryer balls, and 100% upcycled cloth wipes. Original screen printing makes them completely unique – they’re works of art for every baby’s bum.

Lyn Spataro | Dwyer

Hand-knit wool cowls, hand-painted notecards and notecard sets, hand-made art prints, and hand-screened t-shirts.Visit me here.

Stacey Foster | Native

Vintage jar collections, kiln fired ceramic jewelry, decorative arrows, screen printed scarves.Visit me here.

Steve & Michelle Hunt | Twig

We make wooden toys for kids including a wooden toy camera & a wooden creative tablet, the anaPad, art prints, wood based jewelry, furniture, and our new item this year, a twig shaped lamp.Visit us here.

Carrie de Azevedo-Poulsen | Big Brown House

I create quality handmade accessories for your home and yourself, working with recycled felt made from cast-off wool sweaters, combined with other previously-loved materials plus some stitching and beading.Visit me here.

ashley isenhour | wendy and peter

Happy hair accessories! I'll have plenty of colorful felt and ribbon headbands and hair clips for infants, children, and adults. I particularly love bows and flowers, but I also have some cameo style hair clips. Visit me here...