Nicole Choules – Elsa Bags/Vanilla Pie Kids

I’m a wanna be graphic designer with an aching to sew. I love fabric- Japanese imported fabric, vintage fabric, fabric from your grandmas couch. These are the following items you will find in my booth this Spring: BAGS/PURSES- PACIFIER CLIPS- STATE NECKLACES- NURSING SHAWLS- OIL CLOTH MESS MATS- SKIRTS & SHIRTS- BIBS- BLANKETS- BURP CLOTHS- SNACK SACS- WET SACS- BIRD & MUSTACHE PILLOWS- GIRLS DRESSES - SCREEN PRINTED ONESIES & T-SHIRTS…and you can visit me here...

Matthew and Devon Case / Candy Clouds Company

We will be serving our specialty cotton candy with an artistic twist! We offer over 60 flavors from cantaloupe to hazelnut in both regular and organic options. You can also book us for your weddings, parties, corporate events or any other special occasion!

Zoe Jacobson and Jeremy Josephson / ruby market

To borrow a quote from Mary Lou Cook, we feel that “creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.”  We love that the Beehive Bazaar allows artists young and old alike to take this initiative with their individual creativities and share them with members of the local community.  We are so proud to be associated with this group of fine artists!

Courtney Snowden | Call IT Courtney

I'm all about the thrill of the hunt. I canvas thrift stores, estate sales, and even those sketchy antique stores that no girl in her right mind would walk into alone. I'm looking for that one awesome thing that is irrevocably unique. I think the pc term for what I make is vintage altered art assemblage. But let me break it down...I find cool old stuff and make it into cool new stuff. Some of my recent projects are vintage planters filled with vintage goodness, gumball machines aren't just for gumballs anymore, frames of misfit toys (you can spot one of these on Stephanie Nielson's, of the Nie Nie dialogue's, blog...shameless plug for me) and altered birdcage dolls. While some of my pieces might bare a striking family resemblance, because they're vintage by nature, they're truly one of a kind. What I find determines what I make, so it's hard to pin point what's next in the repertoire. You can sometimes call IT kitschy, sometimes call IT shabby, sometimes call IT retro, but you can always call IT courtney.

Colt & Abigayl Bowden | The Voila Press

We make handmade signs, recycled skateboard beards, letterpress cards and poster prints, paper people, hand sewn bow & neck ties and possibly a few new items too.Visit us here.

Carola Searle | Green Ruby

All my creations are made out genuine stones and crystals (no fabric) using a wire wrapping technique. The result is a line of jewelry and accessories that is very distinct. My items come in a variety of colors and designs that are as unique as the stones they are made out of. My signature items are wire wrapped flowers and they are very unique in the design, technique, and type of materials used.Visit me here or here.

Annie Kershisnik Blake | Annilyngreen

I've got banners and pillows and clutches and wallets and posters! This year I'm also making a few dolls and felt stuffed animals.Visit me here.

Nicki Arrigo and Andrea Jacobsen / Cacophony

Cacophony specializes in crafting unique pendants and made-to-order charms. Our pendants are embellished with fantastically adorable graphic prints in varying shapes and sizes. Our stamped charms can be used for necklaces, bracelets or earrings. We attempt to find the most exceptional & distinctive images (see the Alice in Wonderland& nursery rhyme pieces!); they are adhered to a jewelry “blank” and finished off with a heavy duty, high gloss resin. Many of the necklaces have added charms or baubles fora little extra kick!

Jill Bedford – Maisey’s Daisey’s

My daughter and I make paper mache headbands and jewelry for girls of all ages.  We have been selling them at the ParkSillySunday markets during the summer where they have sold extremely well, and we have our products in some local boutiques.  We also make to order large paper mache flowers for room decor. Visit us here...

Jessie Huish / Huish Books

I make a variety of different things, In the past I have made hand-bound blank journals, jewelry, hair pins, magnets, and more; this year I am going in a whole new direction. I will be bringing oh-so-adorable cloth diapers, as well as baby clothes and accessories, with some older kids clothes, as well as journals. I will also be bringing some amazing vintage-style wooden molecules.

Jessica Berrett / Urban Patchwork

I use natural materials (including new, vintage & upcycled cotton & linen) to make modern quilts, stuffed monsters (BFFs), crayon & pencil rolls, bibs, placemats, makeup bags, baby rattles, baby skirts & dresses, washable snack bags, etc.

Keri Rainock – Crowsmack

Welcome to the Crowsmack shop of Gibbs n' Keri- the home of original shirts screenprinted with much gusto and tomfoolery! Our shirts are hand dyed using the highest quality fiber-reactive dyes, and screen printed with environmentally friendly water based inks. We print on quality shirts with our original designs- we also create design work for Yo Gabba Gabba, Littlest Petshop and Spongebob! Visit us here...or here...

Jennifer Reed / 3 Dotters

I like to make unique items with a strong vintage flair. I  collect lots of vintage junk to make my crafts. I am known for my crowns and jewelry. I will also be making some fun spring wreaths with a vintage flavor. I have many ideas for projects, we’ll see what I get done. As usual everything I make is unique and one of a kind.

Krista Schmitz and Shelly Perkins – Three Penny Market

We make all kinds of ridiculous, beautiful things! We have lots of new ideas for this year using upcycled fabrics and found objects to make treasures that are worth more than the sum of their parts. This Spring we have been making vinyl record cuff bracelets, Japanese inspired plushieswearable altered art,matchbox shrinesbaby shoes, felt foodupcycled fabric cuff bracelets, tiny purses, needle books, sock monkeys, tiny dolls, and not your run-of-the-mill accessories. We like headbands with a felt piece of cake on them. Doesn't everyone? Visit us here...

Leia Bell

I create screen-printed posters and fine art prints, small framed (affordable) pieces in handmade frames, wooden refrigerator magnets, and wooden keepsake boxes displaying my original artwork. Visit me here...

jen Wakeland and Heather VanDam / Squackdoodle

We make all our items from scratch, by hand or through re purposed means. We have many new items for spring!  Metal hooks, door knockers, coasters, tulle lamp shades, paper mobiles, paper garlands, decorative bird cages, cake stands, tea towels, clocks, feltidermy (felt taxidermy!  Cruelty free.), duck clips, memo boards, mugs, teapots, etc!