Alisha Stamper - Heirloom Photography

I create portraits using a 4"x5" view camera (think bellows, dark cloth over head). Many people have never seen this type of camera, and definitely have not been photographed with one. I want to provide this experience to people attending the market. I compose and direct each model so that the image is more than just a likeness. I like people as they truly are-- with strength, serenity, and soul. I believe portraits done beautifully can be heirlooms. View cameras can manipulate the focal plane, and I take advantage of that to create images that can only be created with this type of camera. I use instant film for these quick portraits I create as they watch. Each customer will sit a few minutes to have their portrait taken (the exposure is quick, 1/125 of a second on average, but it takes a few minutes to pose just right and focus, etc). The film processing happens within the instant film packet and then the print and the packet are pulled apart. The customer takes the instant. This is basically a high-end art photobooth and it is fun. I think having this at the bazaar will be fabulous and be a unique difference to the scenic/urban photographers. I also offer the ability to order copies of the images after.

Find me on facebook visit my website or find me on instagram @heirloomphotography.

I will be joining the Bazaar Dec 5-7.