Audre Bitton- Darling Ephemera

My main emphasis is my glitter collection. I use German glass glitteras the medium and add epoxy over the top to create really cool pendants, earrings and rings. The resin is like a glassy covering over the chunky texture of the glass glitter. With time, the glitter patinas to create a more vintage look.

I make a variety of vintage inspired rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Some of the materials I use are actually old pieces I've collected from antique stores, but most of them just look like they are old. I also do monogram necklaces that are vintage inspired. I have a variety of watch pendant necklaces that are actual working pocket watches that hang from a chain with some charms for a unique piece.

I love making different kinds of cuff bracelets with a variety of styles. These include: sailor's knot cuffs - fun knotted rope bracelets in a variety of colors, ribbon cuffs - soft, gathered fabric with a strip of rhinestones down the center and velvet ribbon cuffs - these cuffs are created from colorful velvet ribbons with a crochet edge.

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