Holiday 2011 Young Crafters...

Once again, our Young Crafters have lots to share.Check them out...

Kinsley Lewis, Jade and Sage Redden

  • We are three sisters that love to be creative.  We would like to make headbands, pom pom hair elastics, flower hair clips, and cards with our art on them that can be colored. We may even come up with  fun coloring books of our artwork. Kinsley is 11, Jade is 9, and Sage is 7.


I have been doing art ever since I could hold a pencil. Most of what I do is people-- girls really. My art has sort of a twisted Alice-In-Wonderland feel to it. I do cartoons for bedrooms, little old ladies, and gothic. . . . anything really. I do a pretty broad range, so if you need me to do something for you, chances are I'd be delighted. I am twelve years old and live in PG, UT.

Eli, Isabel & Asher

Eli, 11, Isabel, 8, and Asher, 6, are entrepreneurs at heart, and among the most crafty kids I know.  They craft constantly, and carefully chose their crafts for this event.

Other Young Crafters include...

Lily & Grace Higginbotham

Lola, Maude & Ruby Call

Tiare Cutri

Ali Payton

Isabell & Millie Yarro

Quinn, Fischer, Maia & Crew Olpin

Emma & Tate Grames

Tyler Bott

Bowie & Darby Hayes

Leah & Esther Schutz