Young Crafters...

We are excited to include our Young Crafters again this season. Here is a sneak peek of what they have to share. Cloe, Brody and Abbey Brown


 They will be making fish-in-a-bag soap and cupcake bath bombs.  Cloe is 8 and loves to write stories and writes some pretty impressive stories.  She loves to make things with her hands and be creative and enjoys playing soccer and basketball.  Brody is 7 and enjoys playing sports, soccer is his favorite and likes to play super hero games.  He is always making weapons and his favorite game is Indiana Jones.  Abbey is 5 and is a total character.  She loves fashion and always has her hair fixed with way too many hair bows.  She loves animals and riding her bike with the neighbor kids.

Noah Schmitz


Hi! My name is Noah Schmitz. I am fourteen years old. I have always wanted to be a computer guy like my Dad when I grow up. A few years ago I built my own computer out of spare parts, but it wasn't very fast. I have been saving my money to buy my own computer for a couple of years now, and last summer I came up with the idea that I could make rubber band guns to sell. I sold some at farmer's markets and festivals this summer, and am well on my way to meeting my goal. Thank you.

Reed Sisters


We are the Reed Sisters, last year there were 2 of us, but this year we are going to let our little sister in on the business as well. Here is a little bit about us:

Bronwyn Reed: I am the oldest sister, I love sock monkeys, Paris and most anything vintage. I like to be in musicals and I take voice lessons. I am on a swim team and in my spare time I love to craft with my mom and sisters. I am 10. Bronwyn is going to make some masks that she has an idea for.

Brooklyn Reed: I am the middle sister. I love to play school and I want to be a second grade teacher someday. I also take ballet and was just cast in the "Nutcracker" so I am in rehearsals for that. I love to draw and write notes. I also love to craft with my mom and sisters. I am 7.  Brooklyn and Bella will also be making some fairy wands.

Bella Reed: I am the youngest sister. I love to swim and play soccer. I also love to glue and make things. I am happy that my older sisters are letting me in on their little business this year. I am 5.  The three of us will be making bottle cap necklaces.