Young Crafters

Every season Beehive Bazaar supports the Young Crafter by having  a section in our show that highlights them and their work.  Here are some of this springs talent.  It is definitely something to buzz about... Bowie and Darby Hayes

Bowie Hayes  11 ~ HoOpLa!

After the success of squishy fishy at the last show, Bowie decided to start a new idea ~ HoOpLa!  Twirling a hula hoop is lots of fun, so grab a hoop get out in the sun and let your hips twist away and find out what all the HoOpLa is about!

Darby Hayes 9 ~ squishy fishy

Darby is excited to make a new batch of squishy fishy for the spring show! The great insta-pet that’s super easy to take care for and is always ready for a cuddle.  Look for the same cute fishes in fun new colors and patterns.

Taetum, Lola, Maude & Ruby Call

Like mother, like daughter...four daughters that is! These lovely little craftetes are following in the ways of their mother Molly and even taking a few creative cues from their old man, Duane. This year thay are making felt picture frames--a color to match every wall in your house!


Brooklyn and Bronwyn Reed

We are two sisters, and we love crafts. Here are a few things about ourselves.

Brooklyn is six years old and loves ballet and to read she also likes art and math.

Bronwyn is very crafty she collects sock monkeys. She takes after her mom and loves vintage things like hats,jewrey,etc.

Brooklyn and Bronwyn like to make bottle cap necklaces.  They usually make them for friends as gifts, but would like to sell them this year at the Beehive Bazaar.

Jade and Miah

we're best friends, that's why we decided to do this together!   jade is in 5th grade and miah is in 6th grade.   we like to hang out and have fun!  it would be really fun to make a craft together for the BEEHIVE BAZAAR:)

Carina Ream

Carina Is the oldest of 4 kids. She has always loved to sit and do crafts of different kinds. She started making bracelets when she was 9, because I gave her a bracelet kit for Christmas. By the time school started again she had done all the patterns, and were down at wallmart spending her Christmas money on more beats, wire, locks and so on. It has been fun to see her talent grow and see how she has been coming up with new designs, color combination's and styles over the years.