Candace Jean Andersen

I am Candace. I live with my young son in downtown Salt Lake. I grew up carving drawings in my mother's dining room table and making miniature farms in the backyard with twigs and paper animals. For two years I was a pastry chef for the Bridge Cafe; funneling all my creativity in to vegan baked goods. I recently achieved a degree in graphic design and continue to create all kinds of stuff from home; selling it online through etsy or at the Women's Art Center. I find inspiration in the books my son and I read together or in the nature we find during walks we take outside.

As of late I have a huge fascination withhistorical fashion, and small bits of it are winding their way in to myworks as I learn and discover more. I've always appreciated flora and fauna and it seems more birds find their homes among my portraits than anything else (at least for the time being). I've got my heart set on creating a series of endangered portraits: one of "my girls" featured with everything from whales to lichen in hopes of spreading awareness. (Crossing my fingers I don't sound too much like a hippie. {No offense to hippies.})

I am taking my art in to other forms rather than just the "print". I am hoping to sell original works created on/in thrifted books, found frames and even jewelry. I have cards that are so random they suit any body in any situation no matter what. Seriously. I have little mirrors inside hand-sewn pouches. I have tiny hand-sewn creatures in boxes and some wearing scarves. I think with the range I approach all the stuff swimming in my head, that I've got a little something for everyone.

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