Winter 2015 vendors

Winter 2015 Beehive Bazaar postcard

1st Weekend Vendors:
Tava Macdonald  Truly Kustom Jewelry
Alexis Laws  Lux Style Co.
Joshua Flicker The Artist's House
Colett Yarro  Craft disorder
Debbie Messmer Wants and Wishes
Annie Blake Annie K Blake fine art
Jen Henscheid Mountains and Bolts
Caitlyn Renshaw Most Adoringly
Joe and Charlotte Brown The Greyson Foundation
Jimmy Wilson Wilson Woodworks
Demi Corbett Street Bauble
Melanie Evans Melware Ceramics
Melissa Anderson Hive House
Brittney Knudsen The Golden Tot Shop
Aaron Roth CoLab. Printing
Jennifer Rodriguez Sweet Jenny Belle
Benjamin Steele Sir Wylde 
Camie Call The Weathered Wall
Diane Jensen CrabApple Road
Tami Thornton Beehive Soap and Body Care
Greg Caldwell Greg Caldwell Art
Holly Asay Clay Fox Designs
Christina Williams Christina Williams
Kimberly Call hepp
Aubrey Knapp Uniqueboutique50
Kristen Duke Que Sera Clothing
Shannon Nielsen OwlHaveYouInStitches
Sacoya Holdman Sacoya Ann Design
Tiffany Reeder three chicks couture
Amy Timmerman The Bees Knees Shoppe
Samantha Hartman Infinite Abyss
Nichole and Justin Huntington Cavalcade
Dan and Karleigh Heywood Badger and Chirp
Courtney Snowden Call IT Courtney
Linden Baker Musana Intl
Jaime Carpenter The Copper Cloud
Sarah Heywood PandaShark
Heather Deffense Pretty French Things
Leslie Peterson Leslie o peterson art
Miriam Tribe Miriam Tribe
Julie Borchert Mountain Haus Studio
Jann Meads Hoodie Love
Katie Bushell Cold pine knits
Lindsey Hobbs linlell
Emily Golightly anemily
Carlos Garcia Roscoe & Sage
Shailynn Brown Fringe and Stone
Alyssa Sanderson Mint Envy
Ashley Isenhour Ike Studio
Amy Redden Vintage Fern
Ericka Belnap Hey You Apparel
Jennifer Seeley jennseeleyart
Alexa Zurcher Alexa Z Design
anzana Woodward AnzanasTreasures
Sonja Blackham 58bluebirds
Zina Bennion Mom's Stuff Salve
Jenna Von Benedikt Jenna Von Benedikt Fine Art
Melissa Chappell Raw Melissa / Fresh Melissa
Shannon Petty Ink Run Press
Rachel Wright Bella Adele Co
Jenni-Leigh Rose Yumbaby Boutique
Caitlin Connolly Caitlin Connolly Art
Annie Mertlich Wildfield Paper Co.

Nicole Choules Hum Stitchery

Karli Ford koko made

2nd weekend vendors

Marcus Reid Hub City Woodcraft
Kelly Sansom Kelly Annie Jewelry
Sarah Gillespie Indy & River
Kate Cannon Winzy Design
Catherine Marchant Fiber & Beads
Kristy Bertelsen Beehive Hooks & Hoops
Karen Smith Red Rock Soap Co. UTAH
Ashley Giessing Isabell's Umbrella
Holly Beck Elm Avenue
Holly Moeller Paper Crush
Emily Heise Mamasita's Salsa, LLC
Katrina Berg katrina berg fine art
Sara Lyman Sara Ellie Bows
Michelle Weaver Flat Cat Studio
Kate Wolsey Kate Wolsey Art
Joe Bennion Horseshoe Mountain Pottery 
Carli Lawlor Letters and Laurels
Kensie Smith kensie kate
Karalee Kuchar Karalee Kuchar Artist/Photographer
Michael Phipps  Slothwing Tees
Rachel Stratton Bramble
Kelsie Monsen Collectivity Lane
Alicia Winget Roxberrylime
Colby Sanford Colby A. Sanford Fine Art
Ashley Hawkins Elemeno Tee
Allison Harris Allis Baby Creations
Peter Tidwell The Mighty Baker
Laura Miller You Doll Design
Jenna McGregor Madsen Made
Audre Bitton Darling Ephemera
Erica Schlecht DesignbyEricaT
Sarah Anderson Sarahndipities
Alexis Halland Plum Cakery
Alyssa Hansen oddsNevens
Sandra Hawker Vintau
Megan Bowen Candy Everything
Amy Beatty sunbeanbella
Natalia Anderson Wild Rumpus
Elizabeth Quealy Elizabeth Q Designs
Jessica Cook Indie Littles
Katie Dudley Geo City Jewlery
Hailey and Karl Liechty WHiMSiMOBiLiA
Tonya & Steve Vistaunet  Tonya & Steve Art
Raquel Smith Season Salt
Cristal Smith A Dash of Sass Designs
Kim Borup Paper Bandit Press
Rachael Skidmore Maeberry Vintage LLC
Brooke Baker Fresh Batch Designs
Britta Shurtleff Snuggable Sweet
Christina Hall Wendybird Embroidery
Tomi Hill Little Things Happy
Kanani Hayes Vinylicious Designs
Olivia Carter Gnome Sweet Gnome Shop
Lindsey Johnson Paige Place Jewelry
Michelle Wolfe Sugared Caramel Candy
pam Alvarez South of Center
Camille Farias Rosie Girls Dolls
Mandy Crosman Hawk and Holly
Aubrey Johnson Queen Farina
Andrew Ballsteadt
Melissa Matney You're a Doll, Narwhal
Alan Peck Pecks Vanilla

Both Weekends
Chris Benson ckb creations
nikki jackson nikki jackson stained glass designs
Melissa Lisonbee Voulez Designs
Richard Bingham Moss
Noelle Olpin NoelleO Designs
Beccy Bingham Aspera Jewelry
Anne Scott Anne Made Jam
Barneys Cassandra Barney Art
Meredith Hendricks Winnie Press / Wacky Woolies

Announcing our Fall Lineup

Crafters & Fine Artists

shannon nielsen  owlhaveyouinstitches
Melissa Trujillo-Matney  You're a Doll, Narwhal
Alexa Zurcher  Alexa Z Design
Haley Dennis   Tiny Tot Threads
Kim Borup  Paper Bandit Press
Brooke Baker  Fresh Batch
Amy Timmerman   The Bees Knees Shoppe
Tiffani Hafen  tifdoodle
Britta Shurtleff   SnuggableSweet
Tami Thornton  Beehive Soap and Body Care
Terra Allen  Terra Dolls
Laura Miller   You Doll Design
Liz Dalton   critters + company by lizzie dee
Tava Macdonald   Truly Kustom Jewelry
Kirsten Moore  LeggyBlondeShop
Sarah Gillespie  Indy & River
Tricia Tellez  Le Turtle iPad Cover
Carli Lawlor  Letters and Laurels
Emily Allen  Granite Fox
Allisen Mathis  Golden Afternoon Handmade
Carlos Garcia  Roscoe & Sage
Sandra Hawker  Vintau
Brian Kesler  Macaron by Brian
Rachel Wright  Bella Adele Co
Holly Beck   Elm Avenue
Zina Bennion  Mom's Stuff Salve
Kate Wolsey   Kate Wolsey Art
Amy Menzel   Root + Rise Botanicals
Melissa Lisonbee  Voulez Designs
Julie Escobedo  mon petit shoes
Skye Childs  Lux Style Co
Jane DeGroff  Spring City Hand-Dyed
Meredith Hendricks  Winnie Press
Pam Alvarez  South Of Center
Julie Borchert  Mountain Haus Studio
Mariah Desatoff Mariahdesatoff
Anders Taylor  Startup Group LLC
Luke McFarland  Bro's Bows
Megan Bowen  Candy Everything
Rachel Stratton  Bramble
Eliza Crofts  Yellow Cactus Decor & Design
Sonja Blackham  58bluebirds
Audre Bitton  Darling Ephemera
amanda trentham  LilahV
Caitlyn Renshaw  Most Adoringly
Shannon Petty  Ink Run Press
Laura Baxter  Feather & Fir
Natalie Soper  NKS
Trevor Howard  Trevor Howard Fine Artist
McKenna Woolley  McKenna Woolley ART
Eirene Henderson  Crazy Old Eirene
Lauren StrattonLauren Stratton

Youth Vendors

Addison Beaslin  Love Addie Jewelry
Kinsley Jade and Sage Redden  Three Sisters
the explorer berg  art explorer
cookergirl berg  art by cookergirl
sportsplayer berg  art by the sportsplayer
grace Wolsey  graceewolsey
Aiden Barnett   Aiden's Modern Art
Camryn Smith  CamrynAllyce
Molly Schofield  Banners by Molly
Adelaide Olson   Zanimal-Tangles
Boston Miller   Boston Miller Art
Grace Miller  GALs 
Avi Studebaker Avi Studebaker
Berkley Weekes  Berkley's Barks
Aaron Craig  Stuffed

Spring 2015 Vendors

We’re excited to announce our lineup for the spring show. If you applied but have not yet heard from us, please email us at

First Weekend:

Kendal Titus Reynolds REJOICEify
Ames Bell/Carlos Garcia Roscoe and Sage
Addison Welch The Coral Lamp Post
Danielle Wilson Danielle Wilson Design
Brenda Barrett Brenda Barrett Photography
Jenna Midgley Wave Cloud Jewelry
Kristen Morgan As Darling Does
Abby Hicks Tweedle Dee Design
Christopher Clifford Clifford and Sons MFG
Maisy Jane Hewett MiniMaisy
Tiffany Collette Designs By Tiffany
Elizabeth Quealy Elizabeth Q Designs
Melissa Trujillo Matney You’re A Doll, Narwhal
Jennifer Wakeland Salt City Emporium
Paige Fruits Tallulah Handmade
Katrina Berg Katrina Berg Fine Art
Lauren Harrison Pitter Patter Shop
Danielle Davis Two Prim Pollys
Erin Nielson Floral Design by Erin
Claire Tollstrup Claire Tollstrup Fine Art
Joshua Flicker The Artist’s House
Karol Haney Karol’s Handmade Soap
Sara Lyman Sara Ellie Bows
Esther Longmore Esther Longmore, LLC
Sonja Blackham 58bluebirds
Ashley Poulsen Penelope’s Eclectic Closet
Nichole Huntington Cavalcade
Michelle Weaver Flat Cat Studio
Jenna Von Benedikt Jenna Von Benedikt Fine Art
Hayley Neuenswander HAYNEUE
Whitney Lamb Que Sera Clothing
Ann Howden Oh Honestly Handmade
Dahrl Thomson SBUG-etti
Laura Miller You Doll Design
Cristal Smith A Dash of Sass Designs

Second Weekend
Robynn Garfield Powell and Market
Holly Beck Elm Avenue Shop
Ashley Isenhour Ike Studio
Pam Alvarez South of Center
Hannah Taylor As Good As Gold
Jann Marie Meads Hoodie Love
Ashley Giessing Isabell’s Umbrella
Jessica Cook Indie Littles
D.J. Shores SunPrairie Handmade
Amy Redden Vintage Fern
Priscilla Bingham and Hillary Dastrup PriBing Jewelry
Amy Timmerman The Bees Knees Shoppe
Eve Napierski Evie Ivy Overstreet
Chelcie Bardin Studio:Wildflower
Olea Gough Rising Moon Adventure
Audre Bitton Darling Ephemera
Carla Cunningham & Sheri Parker C&S Co-op
Erica Richardson The Land Of Salt
Emily Allen Granite Fox
Annie Mertlich Wildfield Paper Co.
Luke McFarland Bro’s Bows
Caitlyn Renshaw Most Adoringly
Greg Caldwell  Greg Caldwell Art
Kensie Smith Kensie Kate
Kelsie MonsenCollectivity Lane
Rachael Skidmore Maeberry Vintage
Tomi Hill Little Things Happy
Tami Thornton Beehive Soap and Body Care
Melany Larsen Jellabee
Alyssa Sanderson Mint Envy
Alexa Zurcher Alexa Z Design
Mariah Desatoff Nest
Nicole Choules Hum Stitchery
Megan Bowen Candy Everything
Tiffany Simmons Tiffany Simmons Art
Laura Baxter Feather & Fir
Brooke Baker Fresh Batch Designs

Both Weekends
Karli Ford KOKO MADE
Noah Kershisnik Made By Knoahk
Rachel Schutz Darlybird
Hilary Cavanaugh Rue De Lis Desserts
Michael Phipps SlothWingTees
Melissa Lisonbee Voulez Designs
Meredith Hendricks & Nancy Jones Winnie Press
Christa Woodall Christa’s Chocolates
Stacey Foster Mineral and Matter
Candice Neff Plum Scrumptious
nikki jackson Crimson Digit
Alexis Mattox Alexis Mattox Design
Chris Benson ckb creations
Richard Bingham Moss Terrarium
Beccy Craig Aspera Jewelry
Noelle Olpin Noelle O Designs
Anne Scott Anne Made Jam
Kanani Hayes Vinylicious 
Colett Yarro Craft Disorder
Lee Bennion Mom’s Stuff Salve
Julia Smith Julia Smith Floral
Dan, Cass, Sunshine, Fiona, Tallulah Barney Cassandra Barney Art
Amy Fehlberg Mia Earrings